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Vicar Of Dibley viewers delighted at return of Hugo Horton – but they miss Alice Tinker

The Vicar Of Dibley In Lockdown saw the full return of beloved Hugo Horton on tonight’s show – but viewers couldn’t help but miss his wife, Alice Tinker.

James Fleet, who plays the rambling but lovable Dibley resident, appeared on the final of the three special episodes, filling in for vicar Geraldine (Dawn French).

Performing a Zoom sermon on her behalf while she headed off to Cadbury World with her husband, Harry (Richard Armitage), Hugo was seen a bit baffled by technology and resorted to a paper presentation.

He also revealed his overbearing father David (Gary Waldhorn) had moved to Monaco and got married, but Hugo wasn’t able to attend because the rule of six (hundred) meant he didn’t make the cut.

In the office of his home, Hugo’s wedding photo to his dearly beloved airhead Alice Tinker was displayed prominently in the background, and viewers were heartbroken at seeing the character alone without her.

Alice, who was played by Emma Chambers, was revealed to have died three years ago from cancer in last week’s episode, following the sad death of Chambers in 2018.

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Hugo made his return to tonight’s episode of Vicar of Dibley (Picture: BBC)

After commemorating her with a eulogy, the series has been intent to make sure that her presence was still felt in Dibley, with the photo serving as a reminder of their hilariously over-the-top wedding ceremony, which involved Teletubby bridesmaids and a light up dress.

He ended the sermon with Alice’s favourite joke, which was: ‘How do you start a teddy bear race? Ready, Teddy, Go!’

As a result, Dibley viewers couldn’t help but miss Hugo having Alice by his side.









Alice is one of the show’s most-loved characters, and in last week’s episode, Dawn was seen breaking down in tears as Geraldine, with the show paying tribute to both the actress and the character.

Geraldine told viewers: ‘Who is the person I have loved most in my life? Well, I’m very fond of my handsome husband, but in the end it has got to be her. My own darling dumb blonde.

‘She had one husband, six children, and three brain cells, but so much love in her heart she could defrost a frozen pizza on a Christmas day.

‘She wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but when we lost her, all our lights went out.’

The Vicar Of Dibley in Lockdown is available on BBC iPlayer.

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