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Victoria Derbyshire keeps her cool as Paul Gambaccini interrupts her with furious rant

Victoria Derbyshire has been praised by BBC News viewers after keeping her cool following a rant from presenter Paul Gambaccini.

After criticising Met Police commissioner Cressida Dick, Gambaccini then took aim at Derbyshire, refusing to let her finish a question and asking her: ‘What’s the point of interviewing me?’

Gambaccini claimed that the ‘leadership of theMetropolitan Police is breathtakingly corrupt and non-honest’.

He went on to claim that Dick would not ‘alllow’ the nation to know the truth about various cases, including the murder of Daniel Morgan.

‘Okay, well I mean, the Met would certainly push back on your statement that they cover up-‘ Derbyshire began, as Gambaccini interrupted: ‘Of course they would.’

‘Please let me finish, Mr Gambaccini,’ Victoria said, as Gambaccini responded: ‘Oh no, no, no.

Derbyshire kept her cool (Picture: BBC)

‘I’m not going to have this. When I was last on your show, you put up on screen a statement from the CPS without telling me that you were going to do so…’

‘May I speak?’ Derbyshire asked, as Gambaccini continued: ‘What is the point of interviewing me if you’re only going to give them airtime? This is ridiculous! All throughout the witch hunt, the BBC was on the side of the wrong-doers. And this will come out by the way. Don’t think that were are going to go away. We haven’t come for the BBC yet because we’re doing the Met now but, in the years to come, boy, the truth about the BBC complicity and the witch hunt will be known.’

Derbyshire went on to ignore Gambaccini’s comments about the BBC, asking him a question about the Met Police and Cressida Dick.

After he accused Derbyshire of being ‘eager to give the police’s point of view’, she added: ‘I’m not eager to give anybody’s point of view. My job, as you know, as a journalist is to reflect the opinions, the statements of people, who are not here to defend themselves when they are being criticised in the way that you have criticised this morning.’

Viewers weighed in after the animated discussion, with some saying they agreed with Gambaccini’s anger, and others praising Derbyshire for calmly handling the situation.


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