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Viewpoint episode 3: Is Dominic Allburn’s Carl Tuckman now prime suspect in case of Gemma’s disappearance?

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Fingers are now being pointed towards Carl (Picture: Matt Squire/Tiger Aspect Productions)

Warning: spoilers ahead for episode three of Viewpoint.

Episode three of Viewpoint has continued to befuddle viewers with brand new twists and turns, with the ITV crime drama pointing fingers at new suspects in the case of Gemma Hillman’s (Amy Wren) disappearance.

After discovering that the first wife of Carl Tuckman (Dominic Allburn) vanished 12 years ago, DC Martin Young (Noel Clarke) draws the conclusion that Carl could also be involved in Gemma going missing.

Despite surveillance being pulled from the operation by the CID (crime investigation department), Martin continues to keep an eye on Gemma’s boyfriend Greg Sullivan (Fehinti Balogun) and his neighbours, including the Tuckmans.

After following Carl, Martin comes across a property that was seemingly visited not long ago by Gemma.

So is this the proof he needed that Carl definitely had a hand in Gemma’s disappearance? Or is something else at play?

Is Dominic Allburn’s Carl Tuckman now a prime suspect?

From the start of the series, Greg was perceived by CID as the person most likely to have played a part in harm coming to Gemma.

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The fact that Carl’s first wife also went missing raises questions (Picture: Ben Blackall/Tiger Aspect Productions)

However, as more pieces of the puzzle are unveiled, eyes are now veering towards Carl, who may have been closer to Gemma than anyone realised.

After Martin finally comes face-to-face with his old CID colleague DC Hayley Jones (Shannon Murray), the pair of them head over to a construction site managed by Carl’s company, where Martin finds a notebook belonging to Gemma underneath a mattress on the floor.

Having learnt about Carl’s first wife, Anna, going missing, Martin pays a visit to the ex-police officer who was involved in the case, Donald Vernon (Ian Puleston-Davies), who now lives a secluded life after being hit with restraining orders.

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Carl is married to Kate (Catherine Tyldesley) (Picture: Ben Blackall/Tiger Aspect Productions)

After keeping a close eye on the goings-on of the Tuckmans’ household, Martin realises that Pavel (Hubert Hanowicz), a close acquaintance of Carl’s, may be the key to uncovering his possible guilt.

And when Pavel is convinced by Martin to go to the police station for questioning, he admits that he believes Carl could be culpable.

Is Janice involved in Gemma’s disappearance?

Up until now, Janice (Karen Henthorn) has been a very mysterious figure, a neighbour of Zoe Sterling’s (Alexandra Roach) who owns a boat that she keeps on the street, frequently walks her dog and angrily tore down missing posters with Gemma’s face on them.

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Martin hasn’t been sure what to make of Janice (Picture: Ben Blackall/Tiger Aspect Productions)

In episode three, Martin’s surveillance team colleague DC Stella Beckett (Bronagh Waugh) informs him that she’s worth a hefty £8million, which she inherited from the father of Kate Tuckman (Catherine Tyldesley).

Not only does Janice appear very close to the Tuckman family, having been seen walking their daughter back home after school, but when Martin looks at CCTV footage filmed at the time of Carl’s first wife’s disappearance, Janice is spotted close to the area.

There’s something very fishy about Janice, that’s for sure.

Will Pavel’s confession help or hinder Martin’s investigation?

Once Martin learns that Anna was Pavel’s sister, and that he provided Carl with an alibi for her disappearance over a decade ago, the police officer decides to come out from the shadows and speak to Pavel face-to-face.

After Martin advises to ‘do the right thing’, a seed is planted in Pavel’s mind that results in him heading over to the police station.

Pavel states emphatically that he does believe Carl was involved in Gemma’s disappearance.

So is this a major development in the case? Or could Pavel be lying as revenge for his sister having to endure Carl’s cheating before going missing?

Viewpoint returns tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.

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