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Vigil: 5 huge questions we have after episode 2

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There’s still so much to be uncovered on the intriguing drama (Picture: BBC)

*Warning: Contains spoilers for episode 2 of Vigil*

Gripping new drama Vigil continued on Monday night, with the second instalment arriving on BBC One.

The submarine-set series starring Suranne Jones and Martin Compston landed with a bang over Bank Holiday weekend, promising much from the rest of the series.

After the first episode saw Martin’s character Craig Burke die in shocking circumstances, Suranne’s been on the case – and she believes she has made significant breakthroughs.

There are plenty of questions we need answering after another intriguing instalment after another action packed episode.

Here’s everything we need to know.

Did Lt Commander Mark Prentice really kill Craig Burke? 

My Celebrity Life –

What really happened to him? (Picture: BBC)

After being accused of attacking Craig before his death, Lt Commander Mark Prentice (Adam James) went right ahead and confessed to accidentally killing Craig Burke by punching him in ‘self-defence’.

It came after DCI Silva accused him of attacking Martin Compston’s character, before planting heroin on him to cover his tracks. After initially denying his involvement, Prentice went into detail about how he was responsible for his death, but something didn’t feel quite right.

Was he kill Craig? Or is the truth waiting to be discovered?

Was Craig actually poisoned?

Despite his apparent admission of guilt, there could be another reason to distrust Prentice’s claims that he killed Craig by mistake.

Early on in episode two, Adams (Tom Gill) told the boat’s doctor that he was feeling unswell and it alerted DCI Silva’s suspicions. Later on, he said that he’d been suffering symptoms including blurred vision and headaches after giving Craig mouth to mouth as he attempted to save him.

As he was the only person who gave Craig mouth to mouth, it led to the DCI declaring that he didn’t die from the result of a punch at all, but from being poisoned.

Could Prentice be covering up the truth? Was he really poisoned?

What secrets was Craig threatening to expose?

My Celebrity Life –

Can DCI Silva uncover the truth? (Picture: BBC/World Productions)

While all hell broke loose on the HMS Vigil, Rose Leslie’s Kirsten Longacre was busy doing her own investigating on dry land – and she was onto something big.

After discovering the memory stick with sensitive information on it, Rose told her superior officer that she believes that Craig had access to a delicate truth that went right to the heart of the armed forces.

She stated that he was a ‘whistleblower’ and what they know so far is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. But what did he discover that got him killed?

One thing is for sure, the truth could yet be found on the memory stick.

Who attacked Kirsten?

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The trailer is one of the most intriguing of 2021 (Picture: BBC)

One of the most shocking moments of the series so far saw a man break into Kirsten’s home and violently attack her.

After fighting him off with a pair of scissors, Kirsten escaped with her life. But while they were attempting to uncover the memory stick, it’s still unclear who the masked assailant was and who he was working for.

Will there be another attack Kirsten should watch out for? Will we discover who the attacker was?

What set off the reactor? 

An ‘emergency shutdown without the emergency’ was initiated at the beginning of the episode, with the fallout threatening to cut off the power in HMS Vigil.

It meant that the boat was forced to come close to the surface, which made it more susceptible to detection from any enemy boats hoping to detect them.

If there really is another craft attempting to discover their position as was claimed in episode one, has there been interference from a member of the crew? Is someone secretly working for the enemy and initiated the shutdown deliberately?

Vigil continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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