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Vigil episode 1: 5 huge questions we have

We’re already hooked after Sunday’s episode (Picture: BBC – Getty)

*Warning: Contains spoilers for episode one of Vigil*

Our latest TV obsession is here, with Vigil airing on BBC One on Sunday evening.

The gripping new drama from the creators of Line of Duty stars Suranne Jones as a DCI Silva, who is tasked with investigating the suspicious death of a submarine crew member (played by Martin Compston).

Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie also stars as DCI Silva’s partner and fellow copper Kirsten Longacre, who is back on dry land trying to put the pieces together in the intriguing murder mystery.

Paterson Joseph of Peep Show is excellent as sinister submarine commander Newsome, while Lauren Lyle, Adam James and Stephen Dillane also appear.

The first episode was as claustrophobic and tense as you could imagine, with plenty of murky waters yet to be explored.

It promised much for the rest of the six-part series and also left us with plenty of unanswered questions.

Here’s what we need to know after episode one.

What really happened to Martin Compston’s character?

The twist in episode one left viewers shocked (Picture: BBC)

The big question, of course, is what happened to submarine crew member Craig Burke. It was just minutes into the first episode when Craig flagged a disturbance to his commanding officer which turned out to be a fishing boat being dragged to the ocean floor after getting its line caught. Moments later, after having his comments dismissed, he was found dead following a supposed drugs overdose.

One person who isn’t convinced by the ruling is DCI Silva, who quickly deems he was murdered. But what really happened to Craig, and will the DCI be able to prove he was killed?

What happened toDCI Silva’s family? 

Suranne Jones stars in the tense murder mystery (Picture: BBC)

There’s more to DCI Silva than meets the eye, and an episode in her past threatened to put her investigation at risk during episode one.

While she’s currently living with partner Kirsten, viewers were shown flashbacks of times spent together with a male figure and children. There’s also the suggestion of a car crash, with the family hurtling towards open water. The experience has left the DCI with a fear of confined spaces and she was left fighting off a panic attack during her first night on the HMS Vigil.

Will her past experiences come to the surface in later episodes? And will it impact her investigation? Only time will tell.

Is there really an enemy submarine?

Remember that fishing boat we saw plummeting to the sea bed in the opening scene? As it turns out, it might not have been the HMS Vigil it was attached to at all, but an enemy boat.

When questioned by DCI Silva, Commander Newsome said that another craft is tracking them through the North Sea, which he described as utterly ‘terrifying’.

While DCI Silva protests that the boat is ‘not at war’, Newsome assures her that there is conflict around every corner. But should we believe him? Or is it a distraction, aimed to put her off the truth?

What triggered the reactor shutdown?

DCI Silva is on the hunt for answers (Picture: BBC/World Productions)

As if the first episode wasn’t tense enough, the HMS Vigil suffered a ‘complete reactor shutdown’ in the closing moments of the episode. It sparked panic on the boat, and as things ended viewers were left in the dark about its impact.

Will the crew make it out unscathed? And what triggered the shutdown in the first place?

What did the video message say? 

He might be dead, but that didn’t stop Martin Compston’s Craig from speaking beyond the grave. Kirsten discovered a video message from the deceased crew member, which saw him speak ominously about ‘corruption and fear’ onboard the boat.

‘There are 20 ways you could kill the crew of a submarine crew,’ he adds, before hinting at a grand conspiracy that could go right to the heart of the armed forces.

Is his death about more than just one man? Is there far more to be uncovered in the case? Or is it all just the ramblings of a paranoid substance abuser? We can’t wait until Monday’s episode to find out more.

Vigil continues on Monday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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