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Vigil star Anjli Mohindra reveals that Tiffany Docherty twist has much bigger implications than you realised

‘For now, we’re just scratching the surface’ (Picture: BBC/World Productions)

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Vigil.

Vigil is finally starting to take shape as one by one each person aboard the Royal Navy vessel gets dodgier by the second, each with a possible motive to kill Craig Burke (Martin Compston).

In the latest episode, among those to leap up the rankings of prime suspect was the ship’s chief medical officer Tiffany Docherty, whose affair with Elliot Glover (Shaun Evans) was eventually exposed, thanks to a leaked photograph and a questionable dragon arm tattoo.

After it was confirmed Burke was poisoned, DCI Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) turned her attention to the one person on board with access to pharmaceuticals only to find ‘Doc Doc’ had reason to kill the whistle-blower, who had been undermining the drug tests she had overseen.

As it stands, we’re only scratching the surface with Docherty and no doubt more rug pulls will shed light on her romantic relationship with Glover.

However, their secret affair already has much bigger implications than we realised.

Docherty is now firmly a prime suspect in Vigil (Picture: BBC/World Productions)

Anjli Mohindra stars as Docherty, and learned just how crushing that romance could be.

‘We got to meet an incredible ex-mariner who was able to give us insider stuff on how submarines function and what it means to be having a relationship, particularly for the ship’s doctor to be having a relationship,’ she told us.

The Navy only lifted the ban of women serving aboard submarines as late as 2010.

‘She’s actually senior so the idea she’s not risking her own career but affecting the possibility women being allowed on the ship, because that was one of the fears that there would be relationships which would prevent them from doing their job properly and being rational in important decision-making.’

Well, unless Doc Doc can convince Silva to keep her secret buried, it’s likely we’ll be seeing quite the eruption when the affair comes to light.

‘Viewers will understand why they would go to the lengths of risking their careers’ (Picture: BBC/World Productions)

‘Viewers will understand why they would go to the lengths of risking their careers to have this clandestine relationship that they have,’ added Anjli.

‘There are many more twists and turns to come as a whole, but I think as a viewer you feel as though you’re starting to get answers. For now, we’re just scratching the surface.’

Throughout our chat, it was clear being pushed on spoilers was agonising for Anjli. And rightly so, after keeping a lid on a ship full of secrets for over a year.

‘It’s been really hard because normally you get the job and then nine months later it’s going to be on telly, but then with Covid we’ve all been sat on this for ages.

‘It’s tricky, isn’t it. On a personal level when you’re in something you would watch it’s really hard [not to tell people about it] because there’s that thing, “don’t mess it up,” but then I really want to tell my partner and my family what happens because I think the writing is so intelligent I want to recount it for them.

‘My partner’s actually vetoed spoilers because he says I ruin everything.’

As for what’s next, Anjli will be starring in Sky’s next big blockbuster series Extinction, alongside Paapa Essiedu, Caroline Quentin and Tom Burke. The talent alone makes it one of the most promising shows ahead.

But off screen Anjli’s bought the rights to one of the most extraordinary stories that hardly been told, adapting BBC journalist Anita Anand’s biography on Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, who defied the British government for Indian independence and happened to be goddaughter of Queen Victoria.

‘I bought the book a few years ago and started read it in New York and got bitten by its brilliant bug and then picked it up again in lockdown and I guess I had a lot more space in mind,’ she says.

‘It’s difficult to get my head around what we don’t know about so to be trusted with the rights is a dream come true. I’m just so passionate about doing her justice and bringing her to the world’s attention because she’s such an incredible woman. Her story is one we need to have.’

Vigil continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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