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Vigil: Who killed Craig Burke? All the suspects from Prentice to Commander Neil Newsome

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Suranne Jones and Martin Compston star in the gripping new series (Picture: BBC)

*Warning: Contains spoilers for Vigil episodes one and two*

One of the most intriguing murder mysteries is currently playing out below the surface of the North Sea, with Vigil captivating viewers across the UK.

The new drama from the creators of Line of Duty follows DCI Silva (played by Suranne Jones) as she heads up the investigation into the death of Craig Burke (Martin Compston).

No-one saw the events of episode one coming as viewers were left reeling after Martin’s character was killed off within minutes.

He was found dead on board the submarine HMS Vigil from a supposed heroin overdose. However, it quickly becomes apparent that his death was suspicious, and DCI Silva is determined to find out what really happened.

There was a further twist after the DCI deemed that the death was a result of poisoning and not heroin at all at the end of episode two.

There are some questionable figures aboard the HMS Vigil, but who could be responsible for Craig’s death? Here are the main suspects.

Lt Commander Prentice 

My Celebrity Life –
He’s the most obvious suspect in the first two episodes (Picture: BBC)

The shiftiest of characters and the most obvious suspect in Craig’s murder – especially as he admitted to punching Craig hours before his death, which he believed causing him to die shortly afterwards– is Prentice.

In a move which cracked the case wide open, he also admitted to placing heroin on Burke’s body after discovering him dead in his bunk.

All signs point to Adam James’s character being the one responsible, but DCI Silva isn’t convinced – and neither are we.

If we know anything from watching murder mysteries, it’s that the most obvious suspects rarely end up being the killer. As DCI Silva believes Craig was in fact poisoned, Prentice could be in the clear for his murder too.

However, there’s no doubt he’s a slippery figure that she needs to keep a very close eye on indeed.

Commander Neil Newsome

My Celebrity Life –
Could the commander be the man responsible? (Picture: BBC)

He might have taken DCI Silva into his trust and revealed his suspicions of a second submarine tailing HMS Vigil, but we’re still very suspicious of Neil Newsome.

Paterson Joseph’s commander strikes us as the kind of man who would do anything to protect his craft, and even possibly silence whistleblowers threatening the future of the Vigil.

While he seemed genuinely shocked at the confession from Prentice about placing the drugs in episode two, it could all be an act to best cover his tracks from DCI Silva.

We wouldn’t be at all surprised if it turned out that he was involved in Craig’s death, and was doing it to somehow protect HMS Vigil.

Lt Simon Hadlow

My Celebrity Life –
Simon knows more than he is letting on (Picture: BBC)

We know for certain he is somehow involved in the conspiracy surrounding Craig’s death, and Lt Simon could well have had a hand in his murder – even if he was acting at somebody else’s behest.

Craig. He obviously knows more than he is letting on, but could he be capable of murder?

He’s been shorter than most with DCI Silva during her investigation, and it could well be that he’s hiding more than he’s letting on, or worried about letting slip more than he should.

CPO Elliot Glover 

My Celebrity Life –
Is Elliot the guilty party? (Picture: BBC)

Elliot is being nice to DCI Silva. In fact, he’s being way too nice for our liking.

He’s just about the only person on the boat who hasn’t treated her with utter disdain, and we can’t help thinking that he’s trying to throw her off the scent.

The pair have shared some emotional moments and formed a bond – dare we say a romantic connection? – after DCI Silva opened up about the death of her partner in a car crash. Elliot even broke the boat’s strict ‘no touching’ rule to comfort her.

There’s nothing else to go on than a hunch at this point. But If Elliot turned out to be responsible for Craig’s death, while it would be a twist that leaves plenty of viewers reeling, we wouldn’t be surprised one bit.

Vigil continues on Sunday night at 9pm on BBC One.


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