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WandaVision episode 9: Finale ending explained as Scarlet Witch faces Agatha Harkness and White Vision returns to cause havoc

Warning: major spoilers ahead for episode nine of WandaVision.

At long last, the season finale of Marvel’s WandaVision has been released on Disney Plus, bringing the story of the charmed married life of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) in Westview to a close… and opening up a new chapter into the tale of the immeasurably powerful Scarlet Witch before she appears in the Doctor Strange sequel.

Episode nine of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) TV series opens where we left off, with the villainous witch Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) still holding Wanda’s children Billy (Julian Hilliard) and Tommy (Jett Klyne) firmly in her grasp.

Just as Wanda tries with all her might to save them, White Vision – the version of Vision from the real world unveiled in the episode eight post-credits scene – swoops in to seemingly save the day, before revealing his true nature as he attempts to kill Wanda and engages in battle with the other Vision, the pair equally matched as they face off in mid-air.

As Wanda struggles to defeat Agatha, it appears she has a choice to make – to continue living her charmed life in Westview with her husband and chilling and give up her powers, or to risk losing all that she loves in the world yet again.

But considering the power Wanda didn’t even realise she had as Scarlet Witch, is there a chance she could have it all?

Is Scarlet Witch able to defeat Agatha Harkness?

While it is clear that Scarlet Witch is more powerful than Agatha – something that Agatha is well-aware of, telling Wanda that she has even greater might than the Sorcerer Supreme – she still appears able to best Wanda in their witchy duel, as she is more knowledgeable about magic.

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Agatha reveals the true extent of Wanda’s power (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney)

When Wanda attempts to blast Agatha with her power, Agatha simply absorbs the hit, before stating: ‘I take power from the undeserving. It’s kind of my thing.’

So how can Wanda defeat Agatha if the use of her power will simply make her foe stronger?

At the culmination of their battle, Agatha tells Wanda that she must decide between giving up her power or her family.

Wanda decides on the former, letting Agatha absorb all of her power and leaving the Avenger looking frail and wasted away.

But what Agatha doesn’t realise is that Wanda took heed of one the elder witch’s lessons – that when a witch casts runes in a given space, only their magic will work, which is exactly what Wanda did.

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Agatha underestimates Wanda… big mistake (Picture: Courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney)

Having overcome Agatha, Wanda takes all of her power back, realising her true form as the Scarlet Witch.

Just before Wanda switches Agatha back to her previous disguise as nosy neighbour Agnes, Agatha tells Wanda that she’s going to need her help to learn how to use her power, drawing on their relationship in the Marvel comic books when Agatha becomes a mentor to the Scarlet Witch.

So it looks like this probably won’t be the last we see of the pair together.

What happens when Vision and White Vision face each other?

When White Vision enters Westview, having been created by S.W.O.R.D. after they put Vision’s dismantled body back together and revived him with some of Wanda’s power from the Hex, the humanity-less being explains that he has two simple missions: to neutralise Wanda and to destroy Vision.

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White Vision doesn’t retain any of Vision’s past memories (Picture: Marvel Studios)

But Vision stops him in his tracks during their battle when he states that he is ‘not the true Vision, only a conditional Vision’, resulting in White Vision saying that he requires ‘elaboration’.

Vision explains that while White Vision doesn’t have the Mind Stone to make him the true Vision, he doesn’t have any of Vision’s original material as he was made from scratch by Wanda.

He then helps to restore White Vision’s memories, meaning that White Vision now remembers everything that happened prior to his death in Avengers: Infinity War.

‘I am Vision,’ he finally says before zooming away, the last time we see White Vision in the finale.

Could this mean that Vision will return again in his white form, perhaps in Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of Madness alongside Wanda?

What happens to Wanda and Vision’s children?

Just like the second version of Vision, Wanda’s children Billy and Tommy are also tied to the fake reality in Westview. So when Westview starts to come apart, so do they.

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Have Wanda and Vision’s children ceased to exist? (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney)

At the end of the finale, Wanda and Vision make their peace with their sitcom-like reality coming to an end, saying goodnight to their children and farewell to each other as the world around them reverts back to the way it was.

But is this the last we’re going to see of the superpowered Billy and Tommy, otherwise known as Wiccan and Speed in the Marvel comics?

While it appeared that they would no longer be able to exist without Wanda’s Hex, in the post-credits scene when Scarlet Witch is catching up on everything she needs to know about magic from the Darkhold (also known as the Book of Sins), she hears her sons calling her for help.

From the sounds of it, Billy and Tommy could end up making a speedy return.

What happens in the mid and post-credits scene?

Having discovered that Pietro Maximoff (Evan Peters) is really a Westview resident called Ralph Bohner being controlled by Agatha, Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) and Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) head up the investigation in the aftermath of Wanda and Agatha’s battle.

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Monica receives a message from an old friend of her mother’s (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney)

After being asked to go into a movie theatre in the town by an agent, the agent promptly transforms into a shape-shifting Skrull, the extraterrestrial species introduced in Captain Marvel.

Having formed friendships with Skrulls as a child, Monica is told by the Skrull that they were sent by an ‘old friend’ of her mother’s.

Monica is told that this old friend would like to meet with her, with the Skrull seemingly implying that he’d like her to catch up with him in space.

If we were to hasten a guess, we’d say this old friend had to be Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson), or perhaps Skrull leader Talos (Ben Mendelsohn).

Either way, this sets up nicely for the return of Monica in Captain Marvel 2 with Brie Larson in the titular role.

In the post-credits scene, Wanda is found living a peaceful life on her own in a remote, mountainous area, sipping on a hot drink as she sits on her doorstep, taking in her serene surroundings.

But when she enters her home, it is revealed that there is more going on behind closed doors than meets the eye, as Scarlet Witch is using her powers to absorb the lessons from the Darkhold and learn as much as she can about the power she possesses.

With Scarlet Witch next making an appearance in the Doctor Strange sequel alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, how will she fare when she encounters the master of the mystic arts?

WandaVision is available to watch on Disney Plus.

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