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WandaVision: Vision’s fate was revealed right at the beginning and we all missed it

*The following article contains spoilers for WandaVision*

WandaVision came to an end in stunning style on Disney Plus, bringing to a close one of the most-acclaimed series of the year so far.

There were revelations aplenty – some big enough to rival the Agatha all Along bombshell from earlier episodes – with the series coming to a reality-bending end.

One of the key moments, though, was hinted at right at the beginning and we all missed it.

As fans will recall, the final episode saw Paul Bettany’s Vision tackle his adversary – counterpart White Vision.

White Vision had previously been created by S.W.O.R.D. after they put Vision’s dismantled body back together and revived him with some of Wanda’s power from the Hex. He arrived in Westview with the aim of neutralising Wanda and to destroy Vision.

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Vision was confronted by White Vision in the finale (Picture: Marvel)

In the end, Vision tackled his terrifying counterpart and neutralised him by using the logic of the Ship of Theseus thought experiment.

But what is the Ship of Theseus thought experiment, exactly?

It focuses on a mythical king of Athens who had a ship, which was preserved by replacing parts whenever one was broken.

Eventually, all the parts of the ship were replaced. The question is, after all the original parts have changed, is it the same ship?

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Vision used the philosophical question to defeat White Vision (Picture: Marvel)

In the final episode, the Marvel superhero used the philosophical conundrum to claim separate and equal identities and avert further conflict with White Vision.

As both characters have had components replaced, they came to an agreement that they were both in fact Vision.

As it turns out, the Ship of Theseus has played a part in the series since the very beginning.

Reddit user u/stanisnondevemorire shared an image on the site, which shows that ships have been featured in the background on the show since the first episode – an indicator of what was to come.

My Celebrity Life –
Ships have been hidden in the background since episode one (Picture: Marvel / Reddit, u/stanisnondevemorire

The image shows pictures of ships in picture frames, and nautical momentos on the walls.

‘Oh my goodness, how did you catch that?’ another user replied.

‘Oh my god this is so clever,’ another said.

As ever with Marvel, the devil is always in the detail.

The action wasn’t over as the credits rolled in the final episode either. As has become traditional with Marvel films and shows, a post-credits scene contained a hidden message for fans.

WandaVision is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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