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Was Johnny Depp in The Vicar of Dibley?

The Vicar of Dibley has featured a number of famous faces over the years, from Mel Giedroyc, Hugh Bonneville and Alistair McGowan.

But perhaps one of the most famous stars to ever appear in the hit British sitcom was Johnny Depp.

The BBC comedy, which first aired in 1994, has recently returned to our screens with a Christmas special, titled The Vicar of Dibley in Lockdown.

Actress Dawn French is back as our favourite vicar Geraldine Granger in the three 10-minute episodes.

For those wondering, The Pirates of The Caribbean actor does not feature in the Christmas special, although he did make a cameo appearance in 1999.

In a Comic Relief special titled Celebrity Party, Geraldine has a get-together with pals and invites Johnny and a number of other celebrities.

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Yes, yes he was! (Picture: BBC)

Geraldine doesn’t invite Johnny to the party in the standard way either – she decides to write him a letter and hand-deliver it personally.

In a rather embarrassing moment, the vicar is caught scratching her head saying she ‘has nits’ just as the actor opens his trailer door.

‘I have got great big nits in my hair,’ Geraldine explains to her pal Alice as Johnny opens the door, asking: ‘Hi, can I help you?’

‘Hi, I’m Geraldine, I’m the vicar,’ she says.

‘I’m a woman with woman’s needs, I have just dropped by to give you this invitation to drinks at the nickeridge, the knockeridge, I mean, the vicarage tonight,’ she adds, absolutely babbling.

‘It would be good to meet some local people, do you think it would be alright if I brought some friends with me?’ Johnny asks.

‘We were going to have a party anyway, so maybe we could just bum some booze off you?’

However, in true Vicar of Dibley fashion, there’s a power cut during the party so poor Geraldine can’t even see any of her guests.

When David Horton (Gary Waldhorn) rocks up the next morning, he doesn’t believe a word Geraldine says, until Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, arrives, having left her tiara behind.

It comes after producer Peter Bennett-Jones teased some behind-the-scenes secrets about the original programme.

Speaking to the Huffington Post about it, Peter began: ‘Richard Curtis (the writer) would get big stars to come in on the Comic Relief specials.

Johnny Depp did one, James Corden, he got cut out of one…’

The Vicar of Dibley in Lockdown, which began earlier this month saw Geraldine discussing a number of topics, including the coronavirus pandemic and clapping for the NHS.

The reverend also paid a moving tribute Emma Chambers – who played the wonderfully absent-minded Alice Tinker in the series, as well as addressing the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Vicar Of Dibley In Lockdown is available on BBC iPlayer.


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