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We challenge you not to cringe at Tommy Bowe’s painfully awkward TV blunder on Ireland AM

My Celebrity Life –

Oh, we feel for you, Tommy (Picture:Virgin Media TV)

Tommy Bowe found out the hard way you should always wait until the end of someone’s sentence until you share your thoughts.

The presenter was co-hosting Ireland AM this week when Clare McKenna was introducing their next guest, author Seamus O’Reilly.

O’Reilly was on the show to talk about his new book, Did Ye Hear Mammy Died? and coping with the loss of his mum.

And this is where former rugby player Bowe’s blunder comes into play.

As McKenna said: ‘Author Seamus O’Reilly was just five years old when he and his 10 siblings…’ to which Bowe interrupted her, exclaiming: ‘Ten siblings?!’

Bowe should have let McKenna finish her intro, or, at the very least, her sentence, as she added: ‘Sadly lost their mum.’


Realising his awkward interjection, Bowe simply replied: ‘Oof.’

Of course the moment was picked up by viewers and went wild on social media, with punters cringing at the interaction.

Some compared Bowe to Alan Partridge, while another, who shared the clip, wrote: ‘Proper David Brent stuff from Tommy Bowe here.’

Others were baffled as to how Bowe didn’t know the content of the interview, with one writing: ‘Like, was this not discussed in advance, or is every segment a complete surprise for Tommy Bowe?’

My Celebrity Life –

Poor lad was left speechless (Picture: Virgin Media TV)

And another, well, they were just feeling the discomfort like the rest of us: ‘Oh my god the pain in his face when she finishes the sentence.’

Reacting to the awkward moment, Bowe took to social media after the show to promote the book. While everyone was talking about the segment far and wide, we suppose it’s as good a time as any, right?

He wrote: ‘Hope Seamus and his 10 siblings don’t hate me now ?? Might as well check out his critically acclaimed book “Did ya hear Mammy died”’

Luckily, O’Reilly laughed off the blunder, insisting there were zero hard feelings and, in fact, everyone found it hilarious.


He wrote on Twitter: ‘Hahaha, I’d like to assure everyone sending me this that I DID catch this beautiful moment during my interview this morning. I’d also like to reassure Tommy that there are zero hard feelings as my entire family and I think it’s absolutely hilarious.’

Sharing a humorous passage from his book, on how he handles informing people his mother has died before they ask about his parents, O’Reilly added: ‘Just to reassure @TommyBowe further, a reminder that this ranks fairly low on the list of reactions I’ve received to the size of my massive family. As with this example from my book, I’ve found almost all of them extremely funny indeed.’

Us? Well, we still need a few minutes to recover.

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