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What are the Love Island 2022 contestants’ star signs?

Love Island 2022 has been a rollercoaster so far, hasn’t it?

From initial buzz around Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma Owen joining the cast, to the non-stop drama since Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu arrived as a bombshell, the contestants this year has been very entertaining indeed.

Watching events unfold in the villa is always fun and full of surprises, but those who are well-versed in the cast’s star signs might have seen a few twist and turns coming.

After all, a person’s zodiac sign can reveal certain things about their personality and behaviour in relationships.

Here’s what some of the islanders’ star signs says about them.

What are the Love Island 2022 contestants’ star signs?

Unfortunately, the casts’ birthdays are not all publicly known – meaning their star signs remain a mystery.

However, the following are the ones we do know.

Gemma Owen

Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma is a Taurus (Picture: ITV)

Gemma’s star sign: Taurus

Born on May 1, 2003 to Michael and Louise Owen, 19-year-old Gemma is firmly a Taurus – the sign known for sticking to its guns.

You might notice a touch of stubbornness in a Taurus, and though they can sometimes seem a little closed off when it comes to romantic relationships, they’re super loyal once they know they can trust you.

Typically, a Taurus will have traditional values when it comes to family and relationships, and love kids, cooking, gardening, working hard, and hosting gatherings.

Indeed, partner Luca Bish did say that Gemma had told him that she wanted to have kids soon, despite their young ages.

But a Taurus will also have a fancy for the finer things in life, thanks to their appreciation of beauty and quality. Perhaps that explains Gemma’s stunning, ‘£20,000’ gold necklace.

Dami Hope

(Picture: ITV)

Dami’s star sign: Aries

Dami, 26, is a self-described Aries, and therefore celebrates his birthday sometime between March 21 and April 20.

He shared before entering the villa: ‘When I’m actually in a relationship, I think it’s a star sign thing, I’m an Aries but I’m very passionate – I always used to put that person first.’

Indeed, an Aries can be headstrong, which is perhaps why Dami quickly moved on from Amber Beckford to Indiyah Polack just days after a dramatic Love Island dumping.

Aries can be a little hot-tempered at times, too, as well as prone to jumping into things headfirst, a bit too quickly, without considering any repercussions.

On the flip side is how delightfully direct Aries can be, as well as being generally positive, ambitious, passionate and adventurous.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

Showstealer Ekin-Su has shown Leo traits in the villa (Picture: ITV)

Ekin-Su’s star sign: Leo

Of this year’s bombshells (so far), Ekin-Su, 27, has had a major impact on the Love Island villa.

It’s little wonder then that she’s a Leo, born August 21, as this fire sign loves the spotlight, drama (such as a tense row with Gemma Owen) and showing off their prowess as a natural leader.

You can expect a Leo to be a dreamer, with big plans for chasing their goals, and to have a strong sense of self-belief. Typically, Leos are passionate people, and will often light up the room.

Leo people are also known for being flirty, loving to date and having high sex drives… sound like someone familiar?

Davide Sanclimenti

Does Davide seem like a classic Capricorn? (Picture: ITV)

Davide’s star sign: Capricorn

Reportedly born on January 1, the villa’s 27-year-old ‘Italian stallion’ Davide is therefore a Capricorn.

‘Practical’ and ‘ambitious’ is probably the best way to describe someone with this earth sign.

They always finish what they’ve started. They’re usually good with finances and working long hours, which perhaps plays a role in Davide’s successful shisha business.

Capricorns are often loyal, dependable and trustworthy, though sometimes they can be a bit snippy – as they typically hold others to the same high standards they hold themselves.

Davide presented this trait when he went off on his iconic ‘ liar, actress’ rant to Ekin-Su after finding out she had cheated on him with Jay Younger.

Like Taurus, they can be stubborn at times, but tend to soften up once coaxed out of their shells.

Antigoni Buxton

Bombshell Antigoni is a Pisces (Picture: ITV)

Antigoni’s star sign: Pisces

Singer and Love Island bombshell Antigoni, 26, was born on March 9 to celebrity chef mum Tonia Buxton.

But is she a typical Pisces? Well, she is a singer-songwriter, and Pisces is known for being the sign of musicians and artists.

Pisces are also creative, very laid-back, and they’re big dreamers, occasionally getting a bit lost in their idealism or imaginary world, instead of living in the real one.

They’re deeply empathetic, but Pisces can sometimes be taken advantage of by those less in tune with their emotions.

In love, typically Pisces people are true romantics, and desire a stable, fulfilling relationship that brings a feeling of closeness. Often, a Pisces will be extremely caring.

Does Antigoni strike you as a typical Pisces?

Danica Taylor

Bombshell Danica is an Aries, as is Dami Hope (Picture: ITV)

Danica’s star sign: Aries

Danica, 21, shares the same sign as Irishman Dami – joking on TikTok ‘don’t test me I’m an Aries’.

Again, you can expect some headstrong behaviour from an Aries, as well as a fiery temper on occasion, but an Aries is typically a positive person with a direct attitude you can respect.

You usually know exactly where you stand with an Aries, which might explain Danica’s bold approach to coupling up with Luca upon entering the villa as a bombshell.

Overall, an Aries can be a wonderful vibe to be around – as they’re also fun and adventurous.

Love Island 2022 continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

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