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What does Chis mean in Line of Duty? Line of Duty acronyms and abbreviations

Fleming, Arnott and Hastings are back for Line of Duty series 6 and returning along with our favourite AC-12 coppers is their use of acronyms and abbreviations as they solve complicated cases and track down corrupt officers.

While there are secrets aplenty in Line of Duty and Easter eggs to discover left, right and centre, thankfully something you don’t have to figure out is what all of those acronyms and abbreviations mean, because we’ve put together a handy guide to the lingo used in the show.

So what exactly is a TFC, and what does it mean when our AC-12 issue an officer with a REG-15? Here’s a rundown of the most common Line Of Duty phrases

Line of Duty acronyms and abbreviations

There’s always a ton of acronyms used in Line of Duty, but series 6 episode 1 had people scratching their heads even more than normal, thanks to the frequent use of the term ‘CHIS’ throughout the show.

Here’s what CHIS means in police terms, along with other abbreviations you might hear during the new series:


CHIS – Covert Human Intelligence Source (essentially an undercover agent who is recruited by the police but isn’t a police officer)

DC – Detective Constable

MIT– Major Investigation Teams (specialised homicide squads of the Metropolitan Police)

DIR – Digital Interview Recording

AC-12 – Anti-Corruption Unit 12

MOPI – Management of Police Information

OCG – Organised Crime Group

UCO – Undercover Operator

AFO – Authorised Firearms Officer

ARV – Armed Response Vehicle

TFC – Tactical Firearms Officer

REG-15 – A notice telling an officer that a complaint has been made against them

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