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What happens to the food on Come Dine With Me – is it actually eaten?

Come Dine with Me has been on air since 2005, cementing itself as one of the nation’s favourite shows with iconic moments like ‘what a sad little life Jane’ and others that have inspired dozens of memes.

The show has included Celebrity spin offs and has even helped inspire similar shows, like Four in a Bed.

Thanks to revealing insight from two ex-contestants – Benji Potter writing for The Sun and Aaron Paul speaking with Nottinghamshire Live, we can reveal some more secrets which go into the production of a Come Dine with Me episode.

Read on to find out when the food gets cooked and whether they all really sit down for a hot meal together…

When is the food cooked and prepared on Come Dine with Me?

Among the many interesting tidbits learnt from the ex-contestants, it’s been revealed that guests don’t always get served food fresh from the oven.

They usually make all the meals before the guests arrive and so the food can be cold.

The crew suggest contestants make most of the meal before everyone arrives so they can just pop it in the oven when people get there.

However, because filming the dishes can take many different shots and retakes for continuity (and just to get it all right), the food isn’t exactly fresh from the coven to plate.

One Mumsnet user shared her husband’s story, claiming that he planned to make ice cream ‘but camera crew plugged [the] freezer so he had to serve room temperature ice cream soup. They edited it and made him out to be a div who didn’t know ice cream needed serving.’

Others on the thread claimed that the show was filmed from 5pm to 3am every day and that family member are told to stay out of the house to ensure filming isn’t disrupted.

Despite some claims the show is staged, one thing is clear: the guests do all sit together and eat the food, as is shown on the episodes.

So, if you’ve ever thought about signing up for Come Dine with Me, you will get a few meals cooked for you, but don’t always expect them to be hot.

This might explain why some scores can often feel unfair to us viewers at home…

Former contestants have revealed that the hopefuls work with a budget of £125 each and the black cabs they drive home in at the end are actually fake (they film in these and then get sent home in less fancy cars).

Guests are reportedly taken on a drive around the block so they can give their scores, before being taken home in a regular car.

The more you know.


Credit: Original article published here.

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