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What Love Island has done to Teddy and Faye is emotional manipulation – did producers learn nothing from Jack and Dani?

My heart, and the nation’s heart, breaks (Picture: ITV)

Love Island… last night… where do I even begin?

I’m heartbroken. I’m mad. I’m scorned on behalf of the nation after the scenes we saw on Wednesday’s episode.

I know this is reality TV and these contestants ‘know what they’re getting themselves into’ yadda yadda yadda, but no, this is not it. This is apparently a show about finding love, yet what happened to Teddy Soares and Faye Winter demands correction.

For those who missed last night (first of all, what were you doing? You knew it was postcard night, you fool) but have somehow found themselves reading this, in no uncertain terms, Love Island producers did Teddy dirty.

The boys have been on a so-called ‘lad’s holiday’ in Casa Amor, getting to know six new female islanders, while the original girls remained in the main villa with new males to try and tempt them away from their paramours.

And to stir up the villa like a bubbling cauldron of discontent, a postcard was delivered to the main villa showing images of the OG boys getting cosy with some of the new girls.

One particular snap shows Teddy – arguably the best guy in the villa, fight me – locking lips with one of the new bombshells as part of a truth or dare game that took place during Monday night’s episode. It’s ancient history. He’s redeemed himself.

Chloe is me (Picture: ITV2)


The picture has, of course, rocked Faye, who has now vowed it’s ‘not my problem’ if Teddy returned to the villa coupled up with another girl (he won’t). In another twist of the knife, Faye is now getting to know one of the new boys, seemingly of the belief Teddy is doing the same with the new ladies (he’s not).

Much like Chloe Burrows’ hands as she glossed over the incriminating postcard images, I am shaking with rage at the absolute height of emotional manipulation afoot. You can’t tell me that was an accurate depiction of what is going down in the villa with each of the lads.

There is a difference between creating drama for action and playing with someone’s emotions in a bid for views and social media chatter.

To borrow a sentence from Love Island’s own statement, following the dramatic recoupling that sent Shannon Singh home, ‘Remember our Islanders are people with feelings.’

Did producers learn nothing after 2018’s Casa Amor, which prompted a breakdown from Dani Dyer and 2,500 Ofcom complaints, after she was shown a video of Jack Fincham seeing his ex Ellie enter Casa Amor. Outraged viewers accused Love Island of ’emotional abuse’ in the wake of the scenes and they’re saying the same now.

If we’ve lost this because of a bloody postcard… (Picture: ITV)

For viewers, this isn’t entertainment. It sounds dramatic, but I felt hopeless seeing the women deconstruct that darn postcard. It was like watching a horror film and screaming at the TV, telling the cheerleader to turn around because ‘the killer is behind you, babe!’ Only thing is, this is not a horror film. It may be Love Island, which elicits scoffs and eyerolls from those who believe they have a more refined taste in pop culture, but these are real people with very real emotions.

I get the producers need to stir the pot to keep us entertained. But we would have taken huge delight in the imminent stick or switch re-coupling without the bare and uneccessary sabotage that’s happened to one of the best couples in the villa.

It was heartbreak and infuriation that coursed through my veins seeing Faye, who has admitted having trust issues, faced with such an image without context in a year when the show has updated its duty of care protocols and insisted Islanders’ mental health is front of mind.

I know we only see a very select edit of what goes on in a 24-hour period in the villa, so perhaps I’ve, along with many, many others, got the wrong end of the stick – but hasn’t Faye been pretty open about her intimacy struggles and inability to open up out of fear of being hurt?

Hasn’t she been honest about the crippling self-esteem issues she’s faced and the lengths she’s gone to to feel comfortable in her own skin?

Wasn’t she finally opening up to Teddy, who has been chipping away at her hard exterior because he has feelings for her?

So why on Laura Whitmore’s green Earth would we do that to her?

The lad has been sleeping on the day beds, for Pete’s sake. THE DAY BEDS! But that tidy tidbit of intel has been conveniently kept from Faye.

‘But she was already questioning her relationship with Teddy,’ I hear you defend. Mate, the woman is merely starting the painstaking process of deflecting to protect her own feelings, on the off chance Teddy comes back to the main villa with another bird on his arm.

She’s not moving on because she wants to. Otherwise she would have already – it’s been four days. She’s popped the brown lippy back on, she’s wearing her walk-in bikini and attaching those extensions to distract herself from potential heartbreak. It’s a textbook move.

Why am I so riled up about Teddy and Faye and not the others? Faye wasn’t shown footage of Teddy later rejecting a very gorgeous woman due to his feelings for Faye. Faye wasn’t shown Teddy sleeping on the daybed and pining for his plucky real estate agent. It wasn’t communicated the woman Teddy kissed has now got her tongue permanently lodged down Tyler’s gullet.

Where was Liam’s kissing picture? There are plenty of them to go around…

I can only hope much like how Dani was able to see past this apparent ‘test’ in 2018 Faye doesn’t let one image derail the best coupling and pick one of the new guys who, quite frankly, do not hold a candle to Teddy.

Because, dear reader, if Faye recouples and Teddy walks in single, I can’t be held accountable for my actions.

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