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Which winter Love Island 2020 couples are still together?

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How many of the love birds have stayed strong since the end of the show? (Picture:

The coronavirus pandemic may have meant that Love Island couldn’t set summer 2020 ablaze, but it certainly brought some heat to the early winter months of the year.

There has only been one series of Winter Love Island, which aired on ITV in February of last year, with the romantic escapades taking place in South Africa.

The summer series was unable to go-ahead last year, but the beaches of Mallorca will soon welcome a new collection of singles hoping to find love.

Laura Whitmore will be back on hosting duties for the series, which looks set to begin on ITV Monday, June 28 at 9pm.

But what has happened to all the couples who got together in the now one-of-a-kind winter Love Island 2020 series?

Which winter Love Island 2020 couples are still together?

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Paige Turley and Finley Tapp were the winners of the first-ever winter Love Island (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Finley Tapp and Paige Turley

Finley Tapp and Paige Turley were paired on day six of the competition and went on to win it.

We are happy to report that the winning couple are still together.

They split the £50,000 prize fund and moved in with one another during lockdown last summer.

Paige told back in December, ‘When we first moved in, I was complaining a lot because he can be quite lazy but he’s actually got a lot better as he probably got bored of me complaining. He’s really good at cooking, I don’t have many complaints about him to be fair.’

Siânnise Fudge and Luke Trotman

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Luke Trotman and Siannise Fudge came second (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Siânnise Fudge and Luke Trotman were the runners-up of winter Love Island 2020, and have also stayed together since the end of the show.

It took a while for the couple to be paired, as Siânnise was first coupled up with Nas Majeed before partnering with Connor Durman.

Siânnise and Nas then recoupled before she coupled up with Luke in week 3.

Luke entered the competition in week two and was initially partnered with Rebecca Gormley, before he recoupled with Siânnise.

They likewise moved in together during lockdown.

On the show Love Island: What Happened Next?, Luke said: ‘To come out of it with a girlfriend and someone I’m in love with. It’s just crazy.

If his Insta is anything to go by, the couple continues to be as cute as ever, with their relationship going strong.

Demi Jones and Luke Mabbott

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Were Demi Jones and Luke Mabbot each other’s type outside of the villa? (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Demi Jones and Luke Mabbott came third overall after coupling up little later in the series.

After the Casa Amor twist saw more contestants join the competition, Demi was left single when her then-partner Nas recoupled with Eva Zapico.

Luke M had been matched with Natalia Zoppa at Casa Amor, but they separated upon return to the main villa – not long after, Demi and Luke ended up coupled together on day 33 of the competition.

The pair are no longer together, splitting up shortly after the end of the show.

According to an insider for The Sun, there was ‘no huge drama – they’re just better off as friends.’

Demi Jones recently announced that she has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and has thanked her fans for their messages of support and well wishes as she takes the first steps in her cancer battle.

Jess Gale and Ched Uzor

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Did Jess and Ched’s love grow stronger in lockdown? (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Jess Gale entered the competition with her twin sister Eve, and while she was initially paired with Nas and then Luke M, she got together with Ched Uzor when they met at Casa Amor in week five.

The couple confirmed that they split up last summer, as lockdown last year drew them further apart rather than closer together.

Jess’ representative confirmed the split in a statement, which said: ‘After a whirlwind romance in the Love Island villa, unfortunately, Jessica Gale and Ched Uzor have made the mutual decision to split.’

‘They have unfortunately felt the effects of lockdown separation but will continue as friends,’ it continued. ‘They wish nothing but the best for each other and full success in each other’s careers.’

Mike Boateng and Priscilla Anyabu

My Celebrity Life –

Is love still in the air for Priscilla and Mike? (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Mike Boateng and Priscilla Anyabu were one of the last couples to be booted out, but that has not affected their relationship – they are still together!

During lockdown last year, the couple moved in together, as Mike said on Love Island: What Happened Next? ‘I’ve moved permanently to London now. It was only a couple of weeks after leaving the villa that we actually popped the big one and started telling each other that we actually love each other.’

Callum Jones and Molly Smith

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Molly and Callum now both live in Manchester (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Callum Jones and Molly Smith may have also left the competition before the final, but their pairing has proven to be a strong one as they are still together.

The pair, who live in Manchester, moved in together last year and can often be seen together on Molly’s YouTube channel.

Callum told OK! online that neither of them has any annoying habits as he said: ‘We’re both pretty much used to living together.’


Eva Zapico and Nas Majeed

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Nas left Demi Jones single on the show after Eva caught his eye (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Eva and Nas coupled up during Casa Amor, leaving Demi Jones shocked by Nas’s change of heart.

While Eva and Nas may have been booted shortly after returning to the main villa, it is a pairing that seems to be working out for them, as we can confirm the couple are still together.

They can often be seen together on each other’s social media accounts, with the couple looking very loved up in a recent post from Nas.

Love Island is set to return this summer on ITV.

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