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Who is the richest Chaser? Net worths revealed

The Chasers: Mark Labbett, Anne Hegerty, Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan and Shaun Wallace (Picture: ITV)

As ITV’s flagship quiz show, The Chase, has a loyal following of devoted fans and daily viewers.

Of course, people love the range of questions, the witty banter from host Bradley Walsh as well as the occasional moments of triumph when a team of strangers successfully leave with a healthy cash prize.

However, a main favourite feature of the programme is its bank of super-intelligent quizzers, whose task is to out-answer the hopeful contestants and stop their dreams of financial glory.

But which Chaser has the most in the bank? We take a look at some of the internet’s estimates for a glimpse inside the pockets of The Chasers…

Shaun Wallace – The Dark Destroyer – £5 million

Nicknamed The Dark Destroyer, he’s been known to destroy the winning hopes of many a contestant (Picture: ITV)

Before his career as a Chaser began in 2009, Shaun Wallace had already long been a barrister and a lecturer.

As one of the original quiz brains of the show, Shaun has appeared on hundreds of episodes of The Chase and has even written an autobiography, which has a title that borrows from his experience on the show: Chasing the Dream: An Autobiography.

From all this, The Express estimates his net worth to be around £5 million.

It pays to be smart, kids!

Anne Hegerty – The Governess – £2.8 million

Don’t cross The Governess (Picture: ITV)

The Governess has long been a fan favourite – and according to Celebrity Net Worth, this has paid off well, as she sits at the top of The Chasers’ money tree with an estimated net worth of £2.8 million.

Outside of The Chase, Anne Hegerty has also been seen on Mastermind (twice), Fifteen to One, Today’s the Day, Brain of Britain, and Are You an Egghead?

Jenny Ryan – The Vixen – £2.8 million

On the quiz scene, Jenny Ryan is also known as The Bolton Brainiac – the more you know! (Picture: ITV)

Jenny Ryan has been a part of the Chase squad since 2015, but previously showed off her quizzing talents on Mastermind, Are You An Egghead?, Fifteen to One, and The Weakest Link.

In addition, she’s also been part of a winning team on Only Connect and a team that reached the semi-finals of University Challenge – so she’s clearly not to be messed with when it comes to trivia.

Furthermore, after success on The Chase, Jenny appeared on The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 – now, she’s also estimated to be worth £2.8 million, matching Anne Hegerty.

Mark Labbett – The Beast – £1.4 million

Quiz against him, if you dare… (Picture: ITV)

One of two original Chasers, Mark Labbett aka The Beast is one of the faces you right think of first when you consider the quiz show.

In fact, as well as being a staple of the British version of the show, Mark is the only one of the Chasers to appear on The Chase USA.

It seems this pre-eminence on the show has paid off – he’s reported to have a net worth of £1.4 million (or $2 million USD).

Paul Sinha – The Sinnerman – £1 million

Don’t mess with The Sinnerman (Picture: Rex)

Since he started on The Chase in 2011, Paul Sinha has been a staple of the show with his quizzing prowess and wit.

Aside from being an established quizzer, with appearances on Are You an Egghead?, Brain of Britain, Mastermind, University Challenge, and The Weakest Link, he is a former GP and also a stand-up comedian.

All these exploits have earned him a net worth that was estimated at £1 million.

Darragh Ennis – The Menace – net worth unknown

The new Chaser on the block – Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis (Picture: ITV)

Seeing as Darragh Ennis – also known as The Menace (see what they did there?) – has only been a Chaser since 2020, the celebrity wealth estimating folks haven’t quite reached a guess on his earnings quite yet.

Still, judging by the success of his fellow trivia-heads, it’s fair to say that Darragh – who first appeared on the show as a contestant in 2017 – has a good financial future ahead of him.

The Chase airs on weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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