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Worst Roommate Ever: Behind the harrowing stories featured in Netflix’s latest true-crime series

Worst Roommate Ever features some of the most harrowing stories of criminals yet (Picture: Netflix)

Worst Roommate Ever is the latest true crime offering from Netflix that is sure to make you think twice about who you live with – but what is it about?

The five-part documentary was released on Netflix on Tuesday, March 1.

Following other recent documentary series’ and films from the streaming service – such as the Tinder Swindler – the new offering goes behind the curtain into some of the most disturbing cases ever.

It follows the stories of four different former roommates, who all were trying to cover up their very dark pasts.

Taking place across North and South America, it reveals the truth about Dorothea Puente, KC Joy, Youssef Khater and Jamison Bachman from former housemates themselves.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new harrowing series.

Dorothea Puente

Puente is the focus of episode one, titled Death House Landlady, in reference to the title she was given by newspapers at the time.

The serial killer ran a boarding house in Sacramento, California and murdered at least nine former lodgers, with six further murders unconfirmed.

She murdered various elderly and mentally disabled boarders before cashing their Social Security checks.

In 1978, she was charged and convicted of illegally cashing 34 state and federal cheques belonging to her tenants and was given five years’ probation as well as a fine of $4,000 in restitution payments

Puente was finally tried in 1993 for the murders of nine people after police found seven bodies buried in her back garden. Two further bodies were found in Sacramento River.

She died in 2011 aged 82 whilst still in prison in California, still continuing to deny the crimes she’d been found to have committed.

KC Joy

KC Joy murdered his roommate Maribel Ramos (Picture: Netflix)

Joy is another of the four roommates featured in the documentary, who in 2013, called the authorities to report his roommate, Maribel Ramos, as missing from the apartment they shared in California.

He explained that he had last seen the 36-year-old college student the previous day but she never came home that night.

Ramos’ boyfriend, Paul Lopez, explained to police an argument had occurred between Ramos and Joy over rent payments on the same night she was reported as missing.

When a Yelp thread was set up to try and find the Joy shared details of the police’s investigation, he kept referring to Ramos in the past tense – he claimed this was down to English not being his native language.

However, Joy was found guilty of her murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. Ramos’ body was found in a shallow grave in nearby Modjeska Canyon.

Prosecutor Scott Simmons explained although it may have seemed money motivated, there may have been more to the harrowing case.

‘He may have been infatuated with her and I don’t know if that was necessarily mutual,’ Simmons said, according to ABC7NY News.

Youssef Khater

Worst Roommate Ever shares the wild story Youssef Khater (Picture: Netflix)

Khater was an international con artist, claiming to have served in the Danish military, been a youth team football trainer, and an athlete.

He used his knowledge of athletics to take advantage of sportsmen and women. Most of his victims were women and athletes in various countries, in and around Latin America, and in Denmark.

The fraudster posed as a Palestinian marathon-runner, having been sponsored $8,000 (£6,000) to represent the nation in the Federacion Palestina de Chile to set a record by running the 2653-mile length of Chile.

However, he pretended to have torn a muscle in his leg, meaning he was no longer able to participate. After a medical examination found he was, indeed, fine, he ghosted his sponsors and never returned the sponsorship money.

He later buried his 23-year-old Callie Quinn alive in South America, in 2011, but she luckily managed to escape. Later that year, Khater was convicted of attempted murder and fraud.

According to Texas Monthly, he only served 18 months in jail but was later imprisoned again upon returning to Denmark. Today, Khater continues to live in Costa Rica, as a fugitive for committing fraud.

Jamison Bachman

Jamison Bachman depicted in Netflix’s documentary with his dog (Picture: Netflix)

Bachman’s case has two whole episodes dedicated to it, in the story which inspired the original New York Magazine piece of the same name.

The criminal is a serial squatter who was later found to have murdered his own brother after posing with different aliases.

In 2017, Alex Miller posted a Craigslist ad looking for a roommate to share her apartment in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. She received an offer from a man named Jed Creek, who was in fact Bachman.

Upon agreeing to live together, Creek wrote Miller a cheque for $800 (£600), which failed to provide any information regarding his current address. But it soon cleared, so Miller thought nothing more of it.

Alex Miller and her mum eventually found the truth about Bachman (Picture: Netflix)

While the pair initially got on well, things soon took a turn for the worst. When Miller asked Bachman to help cover utility bills, he claimed these were in relation to before he moved in, so refused.

He texted his landlord, and threatened her with court action, saying: ‘We can handle this in court if you prefer.’

Bachman would also make up excuses not to pay rent such as dirty plates, or cigarette butts left out, by claiming that it breached a ’warranty of habitability.’

However, as things continued to worsen, Miller’s mum decided to do some digging and found out who Bachman really was. He had continuously tried to evict people from their own homes, including Melissa Frost, who lived in New York, who he tried to do this to in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

While he eventually left after Miller contacted the authorities – not without pouring cat litter down her toilet – he tried to go and stay with his brother Harry.

But when Harry’s wife refused to let Bachman into their home, the fraudster beat his own brother to death. Bachman was later arrested for his crimes – but died by suicide before he could be tried.

Worst Roommate Ever can be streamed in full on Netflix now.


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