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X Factor’s Rak-Su believe Jesy Nelson quitting Little Mix could have saved her life as Mustafa takes ‘time out’ from band

X Factor winners Rak-Su believe that Jesy Nelson quitting Little Mix could have saved her life.

The band, who won the talent show in 2017, have thrown their support behind the Sweet Melody singer, who decided to leave Little Mix to ‘focus on her mental health’.

It comes after the group, which currently consists of Myles Stephenson, Ashley Fongho, Jamaal Shurland announced to their Instagram followers, that fellow bandmate Mustafa Rahimtulla was having a break from Rak-Su after ‘struggling with mental health issues’.

Speaking to, Ashley explained that there are ‘a couple of parallels’ to what both Jesy and Mustafa have been through since rising to fame on The X Factor.

‘I don’t know the girls inside out but we have spent some time around them and I feel it’s quite interesting from my perspective,’ Ashley told us.

‘I think there’s a couple of parallels between obviously, what Mustafa has gone through and what Jesy has gone through with regards to them maybe being perceived as slightly different than the other three.’

My Celebrity Life –
Rak-Su rose to fame on The X Factor (Picture: Dymond/Thames/Syco/REX)
My Celebrity Life –
Little Mix also rose to fame after winning The X Factor (Picture: Ken McKay/Talkback Thames/REX)

‘When you’re going through that process (The X Factor) and other things are happening in your life, it can become a difficult time for anybody in any walk (of life),’ he added.

‘But when you’ve also got fame added on to that and there are lots of people talking about it then, it obviously becomes a lot to deal with.

‘There’s a lot of pressure and I guess it gets to a point whereby you have to say, “You know what, the most important thing for me to do right now is to look after myself”.’

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Mustafa has taken some time away from the band (Picture: David Fisher/REX)

The boys are unsure if Mustafa will ever come back to the band but in the meantime, he is spending some time in Egypt with his mum.

Ashley continued: ‘He is taking some time out there just to kind of regather himself and we don’t know whether he’s going to feel like he’s in a situation or a mental state to return afterwards.

‘He might decide that he does need to stay away from it and obviously, Jesy made the decision that she no longer wants to be in the band because she feels like it’s better for her as well.’

I’m A Celeb star Myles went on to add that he thinks Jesy made a ‘very smart personal decision’ and that leaving Little Mix could have saved her life.

‘I think that she’s been in Little Mix for nine years and she’s had all these (negative) comments,’ Myles explained.

‘We all know that she’s gone through drama with people, obviously trolling and social media so I think she made a very smart decision and that decision could have potentially saved her life.

‘We don’t know if she had stayed in the group and continued to receive the social media trolling that she used to get, who knows what could have happened.’

My Celebrity Life –
Rak-Su have thrown their support behind Jesy (Picture: Dymond/Thames/Syco/REX)

‘It’s the same situation with Mustafa when he used to get trolled as well,’ Myles continued.

‘How long can people take it? You know whether you’re a confident person or you’re not so confident person, everybody has a breaking point, people just need to find out what it is.’

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The boys are continuing as a trio for now (Picture: Callum Mills)

During the coronavirus pandemic, the boys have been continuing to make new music including their new single No Contest, which was officially released today.

They have also been keeping their fans entertained with their hilarious TikTok videos.

Speaking about how the trio have been spending lockdown, Jamaal told us: ‘We’ve been fairly fortunate that not too much just has changed.

‘Obviously, we’re not doing live shows, but in this second lockdown we have managed to continue to write music together and we’re searching for what is to come after this next project.

‘The music that we’ve been doing will finally lead to an EP which we will release next year. ‘It’s been really exciting to release music again.’

Teasing what fans can expect from their new music, Myles added: ‘The songs are still very catchy and in my opinion, they’re even more catchy than they were before when we were on The X Factor.

‘I prefer the music that we’re doing now and I think we all do.’


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