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‘You do feel exploited’: Claire Foy calls filming sex scenes as a woman ‘the grimmest thing’

Claire Foy has called filming sex scenes particularly ‘grim’ as a woman ahead of her new miniseries following the Duchess of Argyll, Ethell Margaret Campbell, in A Very British Scandal.

The BBC drama tipped as the pinnacle of Christmas tele of 2021 sees Foy star as Margaret, the woman at the centre of one of the most expensive divorces of the 20th century who became subject to vile reports, with intimate images of her sex life being leaked to the press.

Also starring Paul Bettany as Margaret’s husband Ian Campbell, A Very British Scandal features scenes between the Duchess and her lovers, which Foy discussed on Monday’s Woman’s Hour on Radio 4.

‘It’s a really hard line because you do feel exploited when you’re a woman and you’re having to perform fake sex on screen,’ she explained.

‘You can’t help but feel exploited.’

’It’s grim, it’s the grimmest thing you can do,’ she continued to host Emma Barnett.

Foy stars as the Duchess of Argyll in A Very British Scandal (Picture: BBC / Blueprint Pictures)

‘You feel exposed. Everyone can make you try to not feel that way but it’s unfortunately the reality.’

Foy stressed, however, she was still keen to explore the Duchess’ sexuality in A Very British Scandal.

‘I felt very strongly [sex] had to be in [A Very British Scandal] but I wanted it to be female and I did not want it be that sort of awful climactic sexual experience you often see on the cinema screen,’ she said.

A Very British Scandal is tipped as the must-see Christmas TV of 2021
(Picture: BBC)

Campbell has been widely called the first women to be publicly ’s**t shamed’, after being tortured by the press over her love life while her husband was able to marry six weeks after their divorce with little tlo no reaction at all.

Foy, who previously starred as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, slammed the term ’s**t shaming’,

‘I mean, I hate the phrase ‘sl*t-shaming’, I absolutely hate it. But I think women have basically been sl*t-shamed forever.

‘I think Eve was probably sl*t-shamed. I mean, look what she did to Adam,’ she said.

‘There’s something about it which I just hate the rephrasing of, the ownership of. That title and it being used in a way which is sort of, justifies it even more.’

She continued: ‘Yeah, just the word ‘sl*t’ I just think shouldn’t probably exist.’

A Very British Scandal airs Boxing Day at 9pm on BBC One. 

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