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Yvette Fielding almost killed by a horse after doing Ouija board filming Most Haunted

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Yvette Fielding had a bad accident after returning home from Most Haunted filming (Picture: Really/Living TV)

Most Haunted’s Yvette Fielding has claimed she was almost killed by a horse after doing a Ouija board.

The 53-year-old presenter was in Transylvania to film an episode of the paranormal reality show, and believes her and the crew’s ill-advised attempts to do a Ouija board over a particularly spooky spot put a curse on them.

She says this resulted in her having a bad accident on a horse after returning to the UK.

Yvette told the Daily Express: ‘In our wisdom, we’d done a Ouija board over what the locals called “the mouth of hell.”

‘And when we returned home, we all had something happen to us.

‘Family members died, pets died, and I nearly got killed on a horse.’

And that’s not all.

Before returning home, the ghost-hunter had another terrifying experience after being lowered into a well.

‘After being dropped down a 120ft well, I kept hearing knocking noises on the bricks.

‘What’s more, I was standing on something making snapping noises.’

She was later told the disturbing sounds she could hear were ‘human bones.’

Yvette hosted the hugely popular Most Haunted on Sky Living from 2002-2019, before moving to Really.

She’s fronted the spooky show since the early 2000s.

My Celebrity Life –
Yvette has been ghost hunting on our screens since the early 2000s (Picture: MarkJohnson)

Yvette and her husband Karl Beattie, 54 – whom she met on BBC’s City Hospital – came up with the concept together and ‘ploughed their life savings’ into bringing it to the screen.

And it isn’t just onscreen Yvette has had ghostly encounters, as she firmly believes she’s had other paranormal experiences in her everyday life.

She shared that the first time she saw a ghost was when during her early twenties at her mum’s house in Stockport.

The TV star says she woke up one night and ‘there was the torso and head of a Second World War soldier staring at me at the foot of the bed.’

It was apparently in colour and looked solid, with his eyes ‘boring’ into hers for ‘four or five seconds.’

She screams and ran into her mother’s room, spending the night trembling underneath her duvet.

She later heard from a local historian who told her that a young soldier had thrown himself off a train while being transported from Stockport to Manchester during the Second World War.

‘That sent shivers down my spine,’ she confessed.

An encounter like that would’ve been enough to put anyone off ghost hunting, but it clearly only made Yvette hungry for more.


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