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Enhance your home with lighting

There are three important aspects of lighting to always consider. These are: aesthetic, function and efficiency.

To achieve maximum effect from lighting fixtures, a balance must exist between these aspects. John Lewis’ collection of lighting fixtures and fittings are suitable for setting the perfect atmosphere and tone to fully enjoy the solace of your space and buildings.

They have a great range of lights including table lamps,floor lamps, ceiling lightings, bedside lightings, wall lightings, security lightings and room lightings.

John Lewis lighting boasts of astounding lights that will add a satisfactory boost of brightness to every rooms in your home.

From endorsing the use of spotlights in the bathroom so as to increase visibility for grooming purposes, to recommending lights that enhance intimacy and serenity in areas in dining room, kitchens and hallways, to industrial and glass pendant lights, likewise, if what you’re looking for is lighting pieces that will foster entertaining and relaxing ambience, John Lewis offers multicoloured smart light bulbs that are perfect for allowing you to set diverse humor and tones which enhance entertaining activities. In essence, John Lewis has the solution to all your lighting needs.

Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Baldwin large pendant ceiling lights

Baldwin ceiling light is modified in a larger pendant to make an even bigger statement in your space. It has a dome shape and its height is adjustable at the point of installation, this facilitates positioning to the exact requirements. Also, it needs just one LED bulb to function and it enhances a warm and inviting glow, its effect is maximized when installed directly above dining tables.

The Baldwin Pendant provides abundant light which adds elegance and enthusiasm to your home’s interior. It remodels your living space with a fixture that enhances a variety of interior design themes. This single light transitional fixture has a multifaceted design that will suit an array of applications.

Baldwin pendant offers a standard antique design that works well with vintage industrial and transitional décor.

It also can be installed in pairs over a larger dining room, kitchen table or bar.

It provides ambient lighting to the complete room. It could also serve as task lighting to light a specific area of the home such as a desk or kitchen work area.

Baldwin Large Pendant Ceiling Light, Pewter/Copper £95.00


2. Tapered lampshades.

A lampshade is a furnishing that covers the lightbulb on a lamp to diffuse the light it emits. A lamp shade also serves as a protection to human eyes from the direct glare of the light bulbs used to brighten the lamp.
Beyond its viable function, remarkable prominence is also usually given to it due to its decorative and aesthetic features.

John Lewis has varieties of tapered lampshades within an affordable price range of 8-10 Euros. The lampshade has a classic and simple design which makes it looks great almost anywhere. Its fine fabric body makes it easy for the shade to diffuse light. The shade gently diffuses light and is available in a range of natural colours to suit every colour scheme.

Some of the effects of the tapered lampshade includes:

Voguish look – The lampshade adds a warm glow to your interior space. The lampshade is ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, offices and more. It adds a splash of modern color to your interior.
Warranty – The tapered lampshade comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Perfect for additional lighting – Table lamps are a great way of bringing additional lighting into a room and creating a more relaxing atmosphere. It would be the perfect addition to any modern space while also helping you create a calming ambient atmosphere.

Creative design – The lamp stands out for its distinct dimensional designed base with open basket inspiration. Tapered lampshades are the ideal way to bring light to your home while adding a modern feel.

Jenny Velvet Tapered Lampshade, Midnight Blue £30.00 – £50.00


3. Curve ceramic wall light

Ceramic wall lights are one of the lighting fixtures John Lewis is best known for. They come in softly curved or smooth modern forms that mix seamlessly into any interior. Designed to create multidimensional lighting effects by casting a wash of light upwards, downwards and outwards, they’re well-suited for living rooms, corridors and hallways that need gentle and thorough illumination. Another fact to note about ceramic wall lights is that despite their flimsy appearance, they are durable

Curve ceramic wall light has a weight of 1.1kg. It has an IP rating(Ingress Protection) of 20 which means that it has a degree of protection provided by the mechanical casings making it safe for home use. Ceramic wall light are dimmable.

It is made from thick ceramic and it is narrow in shape and should be fixed in long rooms where it will create the illusion of depth. Requiring only one bulb, it offers a wide wash of light both up and down the wall, adding ambience to your space and a warm glow.

Curve Ceramic Wall Light, White £30.00


4. Harlow bathroom wall light

This compact wall light provides an exposed wash of light in your bathroom and it has an IP44 rating which makes it safe to use in the bathroom and it’s available with a chrome or matt black wall fitting.

The light can be easily positioned on the wall, and it can also be mounted with shades facing up or down. The light comes with installation instructions and mounting hardware.

Proper lighting of your bathroom helps set the mood you want to feel as it also helps in relieving stress and tension.

Also, if there is any problem with the bathroom light, John Lewis partnership could be contacted to do any necessary replacements or refunds. Harlow bathroom wall light is covered under a limited warranty.

Harlow Bathroom Wall Light, Chrome £20.00


5. Stella 3 pendant diner ceiling light

Pendant diner ceiling light would fit well when installed above kitchen bars or dining tables. The three ceiling light is made from glass and has inner beads around it. It produces a light that catches the eye when switched on or off. When lit, the beads become visible and glow to create a warm ambience and when switched off, the glass shade appears semi-opaque.

Stella 3 Pendant Diner Ceiling Light, Black Chrome £175.00


6. Rosina fluted glass chandelier ceiling light

This beautiful ceiling light will steal the spotlight in your home. It was made from fluted cylinders of blush pink-tinted textured glass which has a subtle ombre effect. The glass droplets cascade in a waterfall effect that’s soft and delicate in style. Chandelier ceiling light helps to introduce colour and texture into your space while drawing attention to your decor also.

Rosina Fluted Glass Chandelier Ceiling Light, Pink £595.00


John Lewis lighting fixtures come with amazing aesthetic, effective and functional features, giving your architectural pieces that “wow” and amazing look.

They offer varieties of incredible products in their vast catalogue and can meet all your lighting needs.

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