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The Best New Beauty Products Launching in the UK in June 2020

In recent years, the beauty industry has grown exponentially, with new launches, lines, and collaborations coming at us in rapid succession. Every casual scroll through your Instagram feed presents you with new beauty products being revealed, and let’s not even get started with all those targeted ads you never asked to see. So how do you keep track of all of the beauty newness going on? And more specifically, how do you know which items you can buy in the UK (without paying exorbitant shipping fees, that is)? Well, that’s where we come in. Every month, we round up the most exciting launches coming to the UK, from classic brands to indie newcomers and all creams, sprays, and conditioners in between.

June 2020 is not like every other month, however. We are into our third month of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and while restrictions are slowly loosening up around the UK, most of us are still self-isolating at home with our families or flatmates. Top of mind is how to stay healthy and keep our NHS workers safe, how to entertain and educate our kids whilst they’re out of school or summer camp, how to keep our bodies active and strong with gyms closed for the foreseeable future, and how to manage our stress and anxiety during these scary times. The last thing we’re thinking about is what beauty products we can buy.

But for some people, beauty (and, by extension, beauty products) may act as a distraction or a way to maintain some semblance of normalcy (a phenomenon known as the “lipstick effect”). And many brands – in addition to donating products to NHS workers and using their production lines to make hand sanitiser – are continuing to try to roll out new products for anyone who is interested or has the ability to buy. So keep reading to check out the newness – even if it’s just to do some virtual window shopping from your living room.

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