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Mum shares ‘genius’ travel hack for packing her kids’ clothes

‘Packing light’ – whatever that means – is never an easy feat, but even less so when you have children.

Getting the balance right between too many clothes – none of which amount to an actual outfit – and not enough is simply too difficult.

But one mum has shared a ‘game-changing’ hack to make packing for the little ones much easier.

All you need is a hanging clothes organiser that would usually go in a wardrobe.

Fold them down and pack them up (Picture: @lifebyleanna)

Simply separate your kids’ clothes into categories (tops, swimwear, underwear, etc) and place them on each rung of the clothes organiser.

Then, fold them down and they should fit in a large suitcase with no bother.

All that’s left to do is hang up the organiser when you get to your destination.

You barely have to think once you arrive (Picture: @lifebyleanna)

‘I used a standard closet hanging organiser to easily pack and unpack everything my kids needed for our beach vacation,’ says blogger Leanna Laming.

‘I was able to fit two closet organisers in one of our big suitcases (weighing in at 15kg).

‘When we got to the beach, all I had to do was unzip and hang.

‘Packing for kids has never been easier.’

Leanna made things even easier by adding labels to each section – and the nifty travel hack left other parents desperate to give it a go.

‘GENIUS! I am off to go plan a trip just so I can use this hack,’ wrote one user.

‘This is huge! We have a 10-day vacation coming up so this will be a game-changer,’ said another.


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