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Better Call Saul replaced an actor and fans are baffled by it

Better Call Saul fans have been thrown by the recasting of a key character, with many expressing their ‘confusion’ in the sudden change.

The Breaking Bad spin-off show, which follows the adventures of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul) lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), is in its sixth season.

But Monday night’s episode Nippy left viewers scratching their heads after they noticed the character of Jeff, who had been played in earlier seasons by Don Harvey, was instead portrayed by Pat Healy.

Pat, 50, took over the reigns from Don, 62, after the original schedule was changed because of Bob suffering a heart attack.

Don could not make the new dates because it clashed with the HBO drama he’s filming, We Own This City.

Set in the future, Nippy sees Jimmy, under the guise of Gene Takavic, edge closer to Jeff, the cab driver who had previously recognised him.

The duo then hatch a plan to rob a department store in the Omaha mall where Gene works, successfully stealing thousands of dollars worth of goods.

Pat as Jeff in the episode (Picture: Warrick Page/Sony/AMC)
Eagle eyed fans spotted the change (Picture: Michele K.Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television)
Fans were a bit confused by the change of actors (Picture: Joe Pugliese/AMC/Sony Pictures Television / Avalon)

However, their relationship then sours, with Gene warning Jeff to keep his distance and threatening to turn in him for the crimes they just committed if he refuses to do so.

Many viewers recognised immediately that Jeff was played by an unfamiliar face, discussing the cast change on Twitter.

Admitting they were ‘confused’, one fan wrote: ‘Where is Don Harvey???!!!’

Don could no longer film Saul because of another filming commitment (Picture: AMC)

Another replied: ‘Not thrilled with the change. New Jeff has a whole different feel. From confident and edgy to now mousy and unsure. #BetterCallSaul.’

Meanwhile, a Better Call Saul fan revealed: ‘Gonna be honest, this episode of #BetterCallSaul didn’t really live up to my expectations. Really disappointed in the Jeff recast and how that storyline was handled, feels like character was completely changed.’

‘Am I the only one here who noticed that Jeff the cab driver is not played by the same actor in this episode compared to Jeff in S5E1 ! Pat Healy and Don Harvey are not the same person!was quite confused because of that,’ a Twitter user chimed in.

Saul is a spinoff of hit series Breaking Bad (Picture: AP Photo/AMC)

However, lots of viewers were quick to praise Pat’s performance, with one saying simply: ‘Wow!’

‘Wasn’t expecting a whole episode set in Gene Takovic timeline but man that was a great episode. The part where Jeff fell during heist was intense af. Just genius writing. #BetterCallSaul,’ a social media user added.

Better Call Saul continues next Monday on AMC in the US, with episodes arriving the following morning on Netflix in the UK.

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