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From Davide Sanclimenti’s iconic prank to Indiyah Polack finally explaining all the ‘salon’ euphemisms: Love Island 2022’s best Unseen Bits

Series 7 have brought us some hysterical moments! (Picture: ITV)

Love Island 2022 has brought us all the drama – from Ekin-Su Culculoglu’s iconic pancake battle with Nathalia Campos, to Adam Collard making his great return.

But, on Saturday nights we get to see a different side to the islanders, and while there may be less drama, there are just as many laughs.

Viewers have been left in hysterics over Unseen Bits this year, which has shown the islanders living their best lives in the villa: playing pranks on each other, trying to pass time over the long days, and some conversations that we’ll just never be able to forget.

Here are some our favourite Unseen Bits clips:

Davide Sanclimenti introduces his alter ego to the villa as he plays the ultimate prank on the girls

‘Abby’ made quite the entrance (Picture: ITV)

Not long after the Italian stallion entered the villa as the first bombshell of the series, he decided to introduce his alter ego.

The Love Island lads played a harmless prank on the girls, with Jay Younger declaring: ‘Hi boys, please meet Abby and Immi at the front door #toomanygirls.’

Ekin-Su of course knew what was going on, as she told the girls: ‘It’s not real I heard them f*****g plan it.’

And she certainly hit the nail on the head, as Davide, aka Abby, rocked up in an orange co-ord and leopard print kimono.


‘Anyone expecting a tan brunette,’ he joked.

Fans were left in hysterics, with one writing: ‘Davide dressing up as a woman was ICONIC whyyyyyy not show this on the main show?!?!’

Indiyah Polack finally explains all the ‘salon’ euphemisms

We finally got the answers! (Picture: ITV)

Every year, the islanders seem to come up with their own language and euphemisms, and this year was no different, as the girls took to ‘salon appointments’ to cover up what was really going on.

The girls have been describing ‘manicures’ and other beauty treatments to refer to sexual acts they’ve shared with the boys – rather than saving everyone a headache by just talking straight without any hidden meanings.

In one Unseen Bits clip, Danica Taylor revealed she had invited Billy Brown to the ‘salon’… and she was the client and the technician?

When Indiyah probed for more, she asked: ‘Was it the salon?’

Then Danica herself admitted she didn’t know the terms to use but eventually explained that they were both ‘clients’ and received reciprocal ‘manicures’.

What are the salon innuendos, according to Indiyah’s explanation?

Window shopping – ‘Just looking around.’

Manicure – Getting handsy…

French tips – Using fingers.

Blowdry – A blow… Yep, that’s it.

Full set – sex.

Davide later got treated to a beauty salon breakdown by Indiyah later in the kitchen, who explained exactly what all the salon appointments were.

Davide said he didn’t like the term beauty salon, while Indiyah insisted the boy’s version of a salon needed to be gender appropriate and should be called ‘a barbershop.’

Ekin-Su used her soap star talents and actually taught Dami Hope to act like a tree

Dami took the exercise to a whole new level! (Picture: ITV)

Sometimes the islanders get so bored, that they actually just become trees.

In one clip, Ekin-Su taught her co-stars to act like trees and some, like Dami Hope took it a bit too seriously, leaving viewers in hysterics.

The Turkish soap star was giving out a masterclass, in which she tasked the islanders with becoming the ‘most believable tree’.

‘The whole point of this exercise is obviously connecting to your inner soul, to the nature, and really believing that you’re a tree,’ she explained.

Gemma Owen voiced what we were all thinking, as she was clearly baffled, saying: ‘What?! This is just weird.’

Gemma was just as baffled as the rest of us! (Picture: ITV)

Dami took the exercise to a whole new level with his pose, as he was instructed by Ekin-Su to ‘feel the branches’.

When Ekin-Su questioned him about whether he felt ‘connected’ to the tree, he said: ‘I felt free, I felt like I was flying and there was wind blowing through my leaves, and rustling, and stuff like that.

‘It felt like imminent bliss inside,’ he added, agreeing with Ekin-Su that he felt ‘connected’ to the ‘tree that [he] was.’

Meanwhile Gemma was as baffled as ever, quoting: ‘Did you feel connected to the tree?’ before adding: ‘No… like what?!’

The girls tried to imagine the Queen in Ibiza after Danica admitted she ‘didn’t know’ who Princess Anne was

Danica’s comments left us all baffled (Picture: ITV)

Sometimes viewers are left in hysterics, and other times they’re just baffled. (Remember when Hayley Hughes thought Brexit meant we would have no more trees?!)

One clip saw Indiyah, Danica and Summer Botwe engrossed in chat about Queen Elizabeth and her relatives, with Danica in particular baffling everyone at home by claiming she ‘doesn’t know’ who Princess Anne is.

Lounging on the beanbags by the pool, Indiyah began: ‘Imagine the Queen having like, a girls’ holiday’, before Danica chipped in: ‘Imagine the Queen in a bikini’.

‘It’s mad how she’s never had like, a girls’ holiday or gone to Ibiza,’ they continued.

‘They just go to Sandringham’, Summer added, explaining that it’s ‘one of their houses’ when Indiyah asked where it is.

‘So, her children are Charles and Princess Anne, right?’, Summer asked.

‘Ain’t Princess Anne her sister?’, Indiyah responded, with a confused expression.

‘No, she had a son and a daughter, it must be Princess Anne, because she’s a princess and she’s not as old’, said Summer.

‘I’ve never heard of Princess Anne’, Danica chimed in. ‘I know Prince Charles is the one who looks a little bit stale’.

Viewers were in stitches as the exchanged unfolded on their screens, in disbelief that 21-year-old dancer Danica didn’t know who the Queen’s daughter is.

The girls take on their secret undercover missions… and the boys didn’t have a clue

Ekin-Su really is an actress! (Picture: ITV)

Ekin-Su proved she really does deserve an Oscar when the girls were told to undertake secret missions, and she really did deliver.

Gemma was tasked with convincing all the boys to help her find her Tiffany’s necklace, while Tasha Ghouri had to tell Adam that she was about ‘to embark on a world tour as Britney Spears’ backup dancer’.

Meanwhile, Paige Thorne had to plead Luca Bish to guard the door while she did ‘a girls’ number two.’

Ekin-Su had the most dramatic task of all, of course, and she delivered as we all knew she would as she had to spill a glass of water over herself, but blame Andrew Le Page for it.

She took her mission very seriously! (Picture: ITV)
Andrew was left baffled (Picture: ITV)

And in the process, not only were the other girls in the villa in secret hysterics (as Andrew was beyond baffled), but those watching at home couldn’t contain their laughter.

‘Ekin in her actress era,’ one viewer wrote, while another commented: ‘Ekin working for her Oscar in this mission.’

Unfortunately, Gemma’s acting skills weren’t as great as Ekin-Su’s, as she couldn’t convince the boys to help her find her necklace, and by the end of the day, the boys seemed to have clocked on, with Davide saying: ‘They are taking the p**s’.

Ekin-Su and Davide leave viewers in hysterics over perfectly accurate impressions of each other

The most iconic moment of the year! (Picture: ITV)

And last but not least, the Unseen Bits clip that reigns supreme is undoubtedly Ekin-Su and Davide’s impressions of each other.

The old-married couple that are favourites to win this year have gone from hot to cold, and always leave us entertained.

Fans were left ‘wheezing’ with laughter as Ekin-Su and Davide immediately jumped at the chance to take the mick out of each other, with the Turkish actress mocking their own infamous argument.

Complete with hand gestures and an Italian accent, she raged: ‘You are an actress, you deserve an Oscar!’

Davide meanwhile had tons of fun with his own impression, even bringing props into the mix.

Davide got super invested in the impression, even bringing props along (Picture: ITV)

He put on a bikini and brushed his hair as he told the camera: ‘Hi, I’m Ekin-Su, I’m an actress… I’m a 10 out of 10 from Turkey.’

He went on: ‘Whenever a fit boy with a membership of a gym of six months enters the villa I need to flirt with him… Davide’s still my favourite though.’


‘Ekin Su and Davide are just Bonnie and Clyde at this point, 2 coconut heads,’ one user laughed. ‘What is this perfect impression [of] each other.’

Anther said the segment proved once and for all that this year’s Love Island is ‘their show,’ while another declared they were ‘wheezing’ at the interaction.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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