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Gemma Owen ready to dump Luca Bish? Love Island body language expert reveals the signs she’s ‘at the end of her tether’

Is Gemma done with Luca? (Picture: ITV2)

After spending most of Love Island as the favourites to win, cracks have started to tear Gemma Owen and Luca Bish apart just days before the final.

And after last night’s row over the ‘mile high club’ challenge, many viewers think Gemma, 19, is ‘done’ with the fishmonger, 23.

But the signs Michael Owen’s daughter has been questioning their relationship have been coming in thick and fast all week.’s body language expert and star of our weekly YouTube series Love or Lie Island Judi James has championed Luca and Gemma’s genuine connection all the way – until now.

‘What’s up with Gemma and Luca recently?’ she asked us. ‘Are they working up a bit of drama for us in the style of the maestro Ekin Su, who can spin a full-blown scene out of little more than a pancake? Or is their squabbling a sign that they really are close to imploding as a couple?

‘The body language suggests this is pretty real stuff.

‘Watching the smart, straight-talking and super-confident 19-year-old Gemma remain constantly cuddled up with a clearly besotted Luca for the last eight weeks has been an education. Gemma is rarely out of Luca’s sight and the intensity of their behaviour and the close proximity of villa life might have caused more rows before this for most couples.

‘This week though, Gemma finally seems to be close to the end of her tether.

‘The first warning came when Gemma was getting ready for a party evening and had to tell Luca to leave her alone to do her make-up as he was sitting beside her, gazing intently.

‘We didn’t see his response but this was the first sign of her requesting her own space.

Gemma vented to the girls after her row with Luca over the ‘mile high’ challenge (Picture: ITV2)

‘Luca got two more knock-backs when he was told he was “punching” with Gemma and then when she called him “cute”, not sexy during the talent show. Here he turned his face away with a grimace of what looked like genuine disgust.

‘Everything was in place for a row by the time Luca watched Gemma lick Adam in the challenge and what followed looked as much about power-battles as just niggles.

‘The way Luca pushed Gemma away when she tried to move to him in the challenge after licking Adam did not look like any kind of friendly gesture. It’s interesting that Gemma and Luca choose to use the word “protective” to describe Luca’s behaviour towards her, so how was pushing her like this an act of protection rather than rejection?

‘Who is Gemma needing  “protecting” from anyway? She has more than proved she can look after herself generally and if we’re seeing anything in apparent need of ‘protection’ it’s more Luca’s ego and what looks like his insecurities about their relationship.

Gemma and Luca have been one of the strongest couples in Love Island (Picture: ITV)

‘The “are you alright?” by the pool was a question that is often based on fear because it is telling the other person you can’t read their body language.

‘The normally close couple went out of kilter and what we saw was a battle to the brink. Luca’s walk-out looked aimed at getting him the reward of Gemma running after him to apologise and to change her behaviour as a result.

‘Rewarded behaviour can be dangerous in a relationship as it is often then repeated though, so she probably did the right thing in leaving him to fester. Even Adam spoke true when he told Paige that their problems will only be ten times worse when they get out of the villa to mix with fans and admirers.

‘Even their make-up was messy. He tried to hint at a split then had to go down the love route when that didn’t work. He got her to agree to stay together but only with an “obviously” from her. It was only when they were around the fire pit that he looked at her and smiled but even that didn’t look long-lasting.’

she probably did the right thing in leaving him to fester

Judi explained there is something called a “winner’s wobble”, which she clarified was when someone ‘gets close to a big win in games like poker leads to a big spike in anxiety signals’.

‘Perhaps Luca and Gemma are suffering from something like this but they must now feel odd being the only couple rowing at a point in the show when everyone else is acting as though they are blissfully in love,’ she said.

Last night the public voted to save Luca and Gemma, alongside Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page as well as runaway favourites to win Ekin-su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti.

Subsequently, Indiyah Polack, Dami Hope, Danica Taylor, Jamie Allen, Paige Thorne and Adam Collard are all at risk of being dumped from the villa.

While Luca might think that’s good news, Gemma’s mum is about to arrive for ‘Meet The Parents’ and has already shared her disappointment over his behaviour to Tasha.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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