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Love Island fans absolutely grossed out by Luca Bish and Gemma Owen armpit moment

Love Island 2022 has had its fair share of strange moments, but Luca Bish and Gemma Owen might have just provided the best (worst) of the bunch.

The series, which wraps up this time next week, has already featured Andrew’s Coco hilarious confession and Jacques’ dodgy pants stain.

And this weekend, during an airing of companion show Unseen Bits, Luca was spotted kissing Gemma’s armpit – and viewers were left feeling icky.

While the couple lay down in the villa’s garden, Gemma could be heard asking Luca not to ‘smell [her] armpits’.

Luca then blatantly ignored Gemma’s request by attempting to kiss her armpit and asking ‘Do you want me to stick my tongue in it?’.

‘Luca, why do you want to eat my sweat?’ a disgusted Gemma then said to Luca, while trying to push him away.

Love Island fans were weirded out by Luca and Gemma getting a bit too close for TV (Picture: ITV2)
I mean, maybe this is what real love looks like? (Picture: ITV2)

Their conversation was overheard by Tasha and Dami, who immediately turned around to see what on earth was going on.

And of course, their armpit chat was seen by viewers, who immediately took to social media to express their disgust and what they’d just witnessed.

One fan wrote: ‘Luca got so defensive when Nathalia asked if Gemma and Luca had any banter – the only banter they have is licking each other’s armpits’.

Fans have been less than impressed with Luca recently (Picture: Love Island/ITV2)

Another said: ‘I see why Gemma always has a sour look on her face, Ekin has her man making tiramisu shirtless in the kitchen while Luca wants to lick her armpits and suck her toes.’

However, some fans offered an opposing view, suggesting that the footage of the pair’s intimate moment was only selected to turn fans against them.

‘[The producers are] selling this narrative that Luca is a creep and Gemma’s just tolerating him’, one fan speculated.

Gemma wasn’t happy with Luca’s behaviour either (Credits: ITV)

‘Yes, I am 100% sure they are setting up Ekin [and] Davide to win’, another fan commented in response to the theory.

However, behavioural expert Vanessa Moss has told The Sun that Luca’s behaviour may eventually ruin his relationship with Gemma.

‘He’s all for the boys cheating and supporting that behaviour, but he doesn’t like it if he thinks it’s happening to him. He’s not taking accountability for his own behaviour. He’s not even aware of his own behaviour.’

Love Island airs every day at 9pm on ITV2.

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