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Matt Smith accidentally struck by an axe to the face while filming House of The Dragon

There’s just under a month to go until House of the Dragon premieres on HBO – and Matt Smith has now admitted that he picked up a pretty nasty injury on set.

The cast of the Game of Thrones prequel attended Comic Con 2022 last weekend. And during the festivities, Smith said that he was axed across the face.

Smith, 39, will play principal character Daemon Targaryen, brother to the realm’s King Viserys (Paddy Considine).

Smith’s co-star Fabien Frankel, who will play knight Ser Criston Cole in the upcoming series, revealed that he was the culprit who accidentally struck the former Doctor Who star.

‘I really regret saying this because I’ve been asked if I severely injured him,’ Frankel commented in front of the audience who attended the panel.

‘But I did feel at the time, “God, of all the people that I could have possibly axed in the face, Matt was the worst one.”‘

Frankel, 28, joked that he thought his time on House of the Dragon might have been cut short after the accident: ‘I was ready for them to [say], “Matt Smith, is it? You’re out the show.”‘

It is likely that Frankel will have given Smith the injury during a combat sequence that has been shown in all three of the official teasers and trailers. Thankfully, it was only a prop axe in Frankel’s hand.

Daemon vs. Criston in the House of the Dragon trailer (Picture: HBO)

Daemon can be seen in combat with Criston during a jousting tournament, with the pair trading blows while Daemon sports his dragon-shaped helmet.

Smith responded by saying that there were zero hard feelings about the matter: ‘He chinned me, but it was alright. I lived to fight another day.’

After attending Comic Con 2022 last week, the cast were on the red carpet in Los Angeles earlier this week to attend the big premiere.

A Song of Ice and Fire author George R. R. Martin was absent from the premiere after testing positive for Covid following his attendance at Comic Con.

Martin originally announced that he would be attending the event in San Diego, but then told fans he would not be visiting after all.

In an apparent change of heart, he then attended the ceremony but cancelled his one-on-one book signing sessions.

Despite the changes to his plans, he tested positive for the virus. Despite ‘feeling fine’, he avoided the House of the Dragon premiere for safety reasons.

House of The Dragon airs on August 21 on HBO and Sky Max.

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