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Steve Carell has fans in hysterics after struggling to say ‘CBeebies’ correctly during Bedtime Stories

Steve Carell is following the likes of Harry Styles, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hardy as he sat down to read a CBeebies Bedtime Story.

The comedian and actor – who has appeared on the big and small screens in the likes of The Office, Anchorman and The 40-Year Old Virgin – read The Eyebrows of Doom, telling the tale of a bear and his friends as they try to stop the eyebrows taking over the world by leaping from one unsuspecting animal to the next.

But it’s not actually the tale, as hilarious as it sounds, that had viewers in stitches.

Instead, fans couldn’t get over Steve’s pronunciation of ‘CBeebies’ as he starred on that very same channel.

In a resurfaced blooper a month after Steve actually read the story, the comedian says: ”Imagine never having watched CBG. CCGeebies. CB… Well, I can imagine it.’


Steve had viewers in stitches (Picture: BBC)

Tweeting the clip, a fan wrote: ‘Cannot get over Steve Carell trying to pronounce CBeebies.’

Another penned: ‘I did not have “Steve Carell will be on Cbeebies” on my 2022 Bingo Card but here we are.’


Another referenced his The Office character Michael Scott, attaching the ‘I Tried’ meme.

Someone else joked: ‘He’s got the CBheebegeebies!’

Ahead of his appearance, the dad-of-two – who has 21-year-old daughter Elisabeth Anne and 18-year-old son Johnny with his wife Nancy Carell – also answered some fan questions on Twitter to promote the show.

Viewers referenced The Office star’s iconic meme (Picture: NBC Universal, Inc.)

One viewer has given a lot of thought to where characters without clothes keep their phones, and Steve replied: ‘You know what? That’s a really good question for any character that doesn’t wear clothes.

‘I’m sure most parents now think about where they keep their phones. My advice to you is don’t think too hard about where they keep their phones, because the reality of it may be a little off putting.’

And another viewer revealed a misunderstanding with their daughter who thought they were looking for Duggee and the Squirrels in the forest rather than literal squirrels, which led to a 30-minute hunt for CBBC characters.

‘That’s very sweet. That’s a moment you’re going to treasure with your kids,’ he smiled. ‘And it might all feel insane, it might all feel like you’re losing your mind slightly, but you will reflect back on these memories and these moments with such joy.

‘I know you are already – but I still think about these moments of connection with my children.’

CBeebies Bedtime Stories are available on BBCiPlayer.


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