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Vernon Kay left teary as sobbing This Morning caller shares heart-breaking story

This Morning viewers and hosts Vernon Kay and Josie Gibson were left teary and visibly upset during a call on the show’s Dear Deidre segment.

Karen had called in and shared a heart-breaking story of how she had supported her husband through his rehab stint, but he now wants to leave her.

Unable to hold back her sobs, Karen was assured by Deidre that she would stay on the line off-air, as she explained: ‘I got him into rehab. I’ve done everything. He’s lost four jobs. I’m financially trying to support him because I work full time.’

He continued: ‘My daughter has just taken him to rehab 10 minutes ago. He doesn’t want anything else to do with me, and I don’t understand.’

After Deidre gave Karen some advice, Vernon and Josie were left looking pretty shaken after the heart-breaking call, while Karen tried to apologise for her crying.

Karen called in to Dear Deidre with a heart-breaking story (Picture: ITV)
Vernon and Josie were left visibly upset as they heard Karen’s sobs (Picture: ITV)

‘Karen don’t apologise,’ Vernon said, before Josie asked Karen: ‘How do you feel about him? It’s been 28 years, how do you feel about him now he’s done this?’

‘I still love him, but I feel so sad, and you two are so lovely. I watch you every morning. You bring me back to normality,’ Karen tearfully added to the hosts.

Karen thanked the hosts for ‘bringing me back to normality’ as she was inundated with support (Picture: ITV)

Viewers at home were left heart-broken for Karen, with one writing: ‘Poor woman. This is so sad, she also needs the help not just her husband.’

Another penned: ‘This poor lady. My heart breaks. X,’ while a third wrote: ‘You are a release from this horrible time for most of us. Karen had me in tears, stay strong Karen.’




As Karen left the call, Vernon looked as though he were tearing up as he asked her about her support network.

‘There’s so much love coming your way from us,’ Josie added.

When another caller rung-in, she began: ‘Morning Deidre, I’m still recovering from the first lady that rang in,’ to which Vernon added: ‘Karen, yeah, we all are.’

He later added: ‘That was a really emotional call for everyone watching.’

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.


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