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How to get the trending ‘Hailey Bieber nails’ you’re seeing all over TikTok

Hailey Bieber’s nails are the talk of TikTok.

The model turned skincare entrepreneur has been sporting ‘glazed donut’ nails since The Met Gala and fans are obsessed.

Currently, #haileybiebernails has over 126million views on the video sharing app.

With a white pearly base and chrome top, the nail look is chic, sleek and stylish.

So of course, I had to try it.

A fan of a French ombre nail, it takes a lot for me to change my ways but this was an easy transition.

Hailey is bringing the trend to a new audience (Picture: Instagram @haileybieber)

I love nails that can go with any outfit and these glazed donut creations are sure to do that.

However, it seems that Hailey Bieber’s nails have been around for a long time, it’s just now there is a celebrity attached to them.

‘If I hear another person call them the Hailey Bieber nails, I’ll go mad,’ mused my nail maestro Katelyn. ‘They are chrome nails. I’ve been doing them for years.’

And so it seems these nails have come under different names in the past. Katelyn informed me that three years ago, mermaid nails were in style and the method to achieve the look is the same as its newest iteration.

So how do you get the look?

Well, all that is needed is a pearly white base and some chrome powder, which all nail artists will have in their armour.

@yodeebsEverything used at the link in bio! All on my LTK 🌟 cr nailsbyzola on ig @Hailey Bieber #gelx #haileybieber #haileybiebernails #chromenails #pearlnails #diynails

♬ I Wanted to Leave – SYML

For me, Katelyn used two coats of the white varnish and two rounds of the chrome powder which she buffed directly onto the nail.

If you prefer a more sheer look, choose only one coat of the base.

Meanwhile, if you want the nails to really shine, ask for added chrome powder until the desired look is reached.

For a softer approach to the trend, many online have used pale and sheer pink hues as their base layer and if you want more drama, go for bright neon orange or purple.

Édaein’s nails (Picture: Édaein o’ Connell)

What’s the verdict?

Well, I have to say I love them. They look clean and fresh but the added sparkle means they aren’t boring.

If you like a simple and traditional nail, these are a lovely step up the trend ladder without getting overwhelmed.

They remain classic with just a hint of added fun.

If I was to get them again, I would choose one coat of the base layer instead of two. I think a sheer approach would elevate the nail look even more.

All in all, glazed donut nails are a trend I would definitely stick with.

So many thanks to you, Hailey Bieber.


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