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The best luxury perfume dupes to smell expensive without breaking the bank

So much joy can be found in a bottle of perfume – but parting with hundreds of pounds for niche, designer and trendy scents can take the shine off that experience.

Dupe culture – when a cheaper brand makes a version of a product already in the market by an expensive brand – has become rife and normalised in beauty over the last decade.

Whether or not you agree with the idea of something affordable being modelled off something more exclusive, plenty of people love a dupe.

Making high quality smells more accessible to the masses, fragrance dupes are often a fraction of the cost of the original inspiration – meaning you get more for your money.

We’ve rounded up some of the popular dupes currently on the market that influencers are spotting.

No one need know – unless you want to brag about your saving. Either option is welcome.

Zara Red Temptation & Francis Kurkdijan Baccarat Rouge 540

(Picture: Zara)
(Picture: John Lewis)

Shop Zara Red Temptation here and Baccarat Rouge 540 here.

One of the best fragrance dupes out there, Zara nailed the sexy scent that’s currently filling London’s bougie streets.

Some of those you brush past will be wearing Francis Kurkdijan for £215 – but many others will have this £19.99 version.

M&S Amongst the Orange Groves & Byredo Sundazed

(Picture: M&S)
(Picture: Byredo)

Shop M&S Amongst the Orange Groves here and Byredo Sundazed here.

Byredo, while a beautiful luxury perfume house, is for those that can part with a hefty amount of money on beauty.

This summery scent would cost nearly £200, while the dupe is just £15.

H&M Sunray & Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

(Picture: H&M)
(Picture: Perfume Shop)

Shop H&M Sunray here and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess here.

H&M Sunray is our cheapest option here for just £5.

It’s not a perfect dupe for Bronze Goddess (which has more notes), but it gives a similar solar vibe that’s cheery and will make you think of holidays abroad.

Zara Rose Gourmand & Montale Paris Intense Cafe

(Picture: Zara)
(Picture: Selfridges)

Shop Zara Rose Gourmand here and Montale Intense Cafe here.

Like Red Temptation, Rose Gourmand has repeatedly sold out and had a waitlist once people twigged the similarities it has to Intense Cafe.

This sweet and floral scent isn’t at all girly – it’s incredibly womanly and powerful, with a fairly strong throw (though the original is stronger).

Zara’s option will set you back £19.99 while Montale is £110.

M&S Spiced Vetiver & Terre D’Hermes

(Picture: M&S)
(Pictuer: Boots)

Shop M&S Spiced Vetiver Eau de Parfum here and Hermès Terre D’Hermès here.

Though marketed at men, women that enjoy a masculine scent will like this too.

At just £19.50 for the dupe, M&S is saving you around £70.


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