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Woman reveals hack to get rid of calluses using limes

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

If you suffer with calluses on your feet, you’ve probably spent a fortune on pedicures and at-home treatments to ease the pain.

Not only are these hard lumps of skin unsightly (especially when it’s sandal weather) they can cause discomfort and stop you wearing your favourite shoes.

But it appears there’s a way to banish calluses without spending big or taking a trip to a salon.

TikToker Anna Lanier shared a video recently, explaining her frugal foot care routine, which she said is a ‘fast and easy way’ to get rid of hard skin.

Captioned ‘limes eat calluses’, the video shows Anna squeezing the juice from half a lime over her feet.

Once she’s done this, she takes a foot file and begins to buff at problem areas, revealing callus-free toes in a matter of seconds.

@annalanier2Fast and easy way to get rid of calluses

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Anna’s not the only one to try it out either.

Rashee, who goes by @mrsguptasquared on TikTok, was inspired by Anna to give the method ago.

The results are clear, as we see see previously-solid skin come off without resistance after a spritz of lime.

‘I am shook,’ Rashee said, adding ‘It’s so smooth and soft now.’

It almost seems too good to be true, but there is merit in this unique beauty treatment.

The citric acid in lime makes it a great exfoliant, breaking down dead skin to boost your foot file’s sloughing powers.

Some people also like to use pineapple juice for this purpose, mixing it at a 50/50 ratio with water (or coconut milk if you’re feeling fancy) for a transformative foot soak.

Other fruits that contain exfoliating enzymes include lemon, papaya, and grape – and you may notice them on the ingredients list of your favourite peeling or brightening products.

While not everyone will have the same dramatic results as Anna and Rashee, it’s a great way to make the most of what’s languishing in your fruit bowl.

The worst case scenario is your feet smell faintly like a margarita but, if it works for you, you could save big on professional treatments.


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