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‘Adam Collard and Paige Thorne won’t last after the final’: Love Island body language expert reveals ‘alarm bell moment’ the holiday romance is ending

Paige Thorne and Adam Collard are just days away from potentially making it to the Love Island finale, but is there really any sign of a future outside of the villa?

Adam swept Paige off her feet when he returned to Love Island as the first ever bombshell to appear in two different series.

She was of course coupled up with Jacques O’Neill until he quit to focus on his mental health and said he’d wait for Paige on the outside.

He has, however, appeared to confirm his patience is done after deleting all traces of her from his Instagram account.

Paige has since been smitten with Adam and last week they shared the most authentic first kiss of the series, but in the latest episode of Love or lie Island,’s Love Island body language expert Judi James reveals the signs it won’t last on the outside.

According to Judi, when Paige and Adam began chatting about making their long distance romance work, it was clear he won’t be planning many trips to her hometown of Swansea.

‘I think probably a lot of people have been through something like this, which is like the last day of the holiday, when you’ve had a bit of a holiday romance and it’s been very intense,’ said Judi.

Paige should be anxious (Picture: ITV)

‘But then there’s that kind of, “oh, we’re gonna go back home now and I’ve just realised that you live about 60,000 miles away from me, and you don’t look that good when your tan starts to fade.”’

Gearing up the final on Monday night, the other couples are making ‘genuine plans’ to be together when they leave the Love Island bubble, but not Paige and Adam.

Adam’s body language clearly indicated he wasn’t thinking that far ahead.

‘I think this really showed up a problem because of the way Adam was sitting. I know Adam does the romantic eyes like he’s looking into your soul and that’s very much his thing, his flirt thing and it’s very effective.

Is it going to be more than a holiday romance? (Picture: ITV)

‘But he got his leg right up in a barrier while he was talking to her at this point. And he immediately said, “Yeah, I don’t fit into Swansea” and I think there was an add on like, “unless I’m with the right person.” But I think that was an alarm bell moment going.

‘I think she thought that there would be something more cobbled together there. Her knees started to move from side to side, which was a gesture of impatience as though it wasn’t going the way that she was hoping it would do. So I think that was the one moment when that relationship went out of her control and I think she very much felt that.’

Judi explained how it seemed Adam was ready to the chat right there. ‘He immediately went, “Oh, let’s kiss,” it’s like, “don’t let’s discuss, let’s have a snog,” when actually, they should have been discussing what needed discussing. He did that to close down the discussion.

I think that was the one moment when that relationship went out of her control and I think she very much felt that

‘But if you look at his hand, that was on her arm as that conversation went on, the fingers started to disengage a little bit. So I don’t think he’s is particularly wanting to think about stuff outside the villa which surprised me because she’s been very popular in there and I think very popular outside as well.

I thought that he might be thinking, “we can sell ourselves as a double act to nightclubs, and whatever they do, and appearances” but no, there was a calling from him at that point.’

Paige and Adam found themselves in the bottom three of the public vote on Tuesday night, alongside Indiyah Polack, Dami Hope, Danica Taylor and Jamie Allen – the latter two ended up dumped from the villa.

Going into the final, however, Ekin-su Cülcüloğlu and Dvaide Sanclimenti are runaway favourites to win which has only seemed more certain after his tiramisu proposal and her rendition of Twinke Twinkle Little Star.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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