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Love Island USA: Twist recoupling rocks villa after bombshells Chazz and Bria Bryant pick each other’s partners ahead of shock dumping

There was a shock recoupling twist in store for the Love Island USA stars on last night’s episode, as Bria and Chazz Bryant were tasked with picking a partner for each other.

The siblings ruffled all kinds of feathers when they rocked up to the villa, in California, together in the hopes of finding love in front of the cameras.

However, no one was expecting what producers had in store for their first recoupling – when they were informed that they had to choose the person that the other would be paired with.

‘Islanders, tonight Bria and Chazz will couple up,’ a dreaded text message read.

‘Bria will choose a girl to couple up with Chazz. Chazz will choose a boy to couple up with Bria.

‘Two Islanders will be left single and vulnerable.’

Love Island USA bombshells Chazz and Bria Bryant ruffled feathers immediately (Picture: Peacock)

Bria picked Sereniti Springs to couple up with her brother, pulling the 28-year-old from her budding romance with Tyler Radziszewski.

Meanwhile, Chazz decided that Timmy Pandolfi would be a great match for his sister, leaving Zeta Morrison single.

In a further revelation, the two new singletons found themselves on the chopping block and at risk of being sent home – with the decision in the hands of their fellow Islanders.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, meaning we have to wait to find out who got the boot in another savage dumping.

Zeta’s facial expressions said it all…(Picture: Peacock)
Tyler has been getting close to Sereniti in the villa (Picture: Peacock)

The siblings were introduced to their new co-stars at the beginning of the instalment and wasted no time in getting their intentions across.

Chazz voiced his interest in Sereniti seconds after walking into the villa, leaving Tyler immediately threatened.

‘That Chazz guy was a little bit ballsy,’ Tyler fumed in the beach hut. ‘You’re not going to be able to step on my toes or anything like that.’

Bria shared that she was keen to speak to Timmy more, with the feeling appearing to be mutual.

‘Bria is definitely one of my types, for sure,’ Timmy said in his confessional. ‘She checks all the marks off the box. She fits the protocol.

Zeta was less than impressed by the new arrivals, adding to the camera: ‘It’s never really fun when a bird comes in and says that they’re into your lad.

‘What I’m going through is her wanting to crack on with my man. I don’t like that.’

Love Island continues at 9pm EST on Peacock.


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