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Frustrated Brenda Edwards chastises Janet Street-Porter in Rishi Sunak row: ‘Excuse me, I hadn’t finished’

Brenda Edwards could be seen becoming increasingly irked during a heated discussion on today’s Loose Women, when Janet Street-Porter kept interrupting her a row on Rishi Sunak.

Last night, Prime Minister hopefuls Sunak and Liz Truss clashed in a BBC head-to-head debate in their bids to become leader of the Tory party.

Sunak repeatedly interrupted his rival in front of the audience, with Boris Johnson loyalist Nadine Dorries tweeting: ‘Rishi really needs to stop talking over #Liz4Leader #LeadersDebate. It’s a terrible look. He’s irritable, aggressive, bad tempered. He’s loosing [sic] it.’

On Tuesday’s Loose Women, which was cut short to half an hour because of the racing coming up after ITV News, the panel had differing opinions over Sunak’s conduct in the debate, with Coleen Nolan saying: ‘That’s so annoying, it makes me dislike him a lot.’

Edwards also said she ‘didn’t appreciate’ his behaviour, emphasising that in a debate it’s ‘manners’ to ‘let people speak’.

However, Street-Porter took a different approach, stressing that in her view, debates are ‘confrontational’ and that both parties were ‘passionate’, adding that she can’t ‘condemn’ Sunak for his frequent interjections over Truss.

Edwards implored Street-Porter not to interrupt her (Picture: ITV)
Street-Porter laughed as Edwards continued to articulate her point (Picture: ITV)

Later on, Street-Porter admitted that had she been in Truss’ shoes, then she would have probably spoken over Sunak to try and get her own point across.

‘I would have probably raised my voice and I probably would have carried on talking over him until he stopped talking, but I do think that’s the rules of the game,’ she said.

Edwards shook her head and threw her hands up at Street-Porter’s statement, as the latter continued: ‘In my career, I’ve had to deal with mansplaining loads and loads of times, and as a result, I probably have turned into a mansplainer myself.’

Then Edwards’ turn to speak came, as she said: ‘No, I don’t agree with that. I think that goes on in Westminster, and it’s something that’s been allowed for years, and I think it’s disgusting when you see them just talking and shouting over each other.’

At this point, Street-Porter tried to interrupt, prompting Edwards to extend her arm and say: ‘Sorry Janet, excuse me Janet. I hadn’t finished.’

Street-Porter laughed as Edwards continued to carry her point across, as she questioned how members of the public can trust politicians to listen to them if they won’t even listen to each other.

Edwards clearly didn’t agree with what Street-Porter had to say about Sunak (Picture: ITV)

Edwards had interrupted Street-Porter earlier on in the discussion, when Street-Porter stressed that she couldn’t criticise Sunak for speaking over Truss in the debate.

When Street-Porter exclaimed over the interruption, Edwards explained: ‘I’ve done that, because I disagree. And if I disagree, then I will. That’s the only time that I will interrupt. It’s just that I think you can have a debate if you just allow everybody to have their piece to say.’

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.


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