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Professional cuddler who charges £75 an hour for hugs promises service is not sexual: ‘It’s not like that’

This Morning hosts Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle were very much enjoying the company of professional hugger Treasure, who charges clients £75 an hour for hugs.

The pair were back to present together for their second show of the week, with one very intriguing guest to share with viewers.

Treasure, who is a professional cuddler and hugger, was welcomed onto the programme and gave some insight into their unique job.

The Bristol-based hugger explained the industry is ‘not yet regulated’, as the duo probed them on what it entails.

They told Josie and Craig: ‘The session begins with us getting to know each other in a non-contact environment.

‘After that, it’s whatever you would like.’

Treasure charges £75 an hour for hugs (Picture; ITV)

Craig got to test out Treasure’s hugging skills before Josie probed the guest on whether the trade gets confused for being ‘sexual’.

They explained: ‘Yes, I totally understand why they think that and it’s okay but it’s not like that.’

Treasure confirmed that if this issue arises with a client: ‘We talk about that and put that outside of the session.’

Potential clients are screened by meeting them in person or chatting over the phone, to ensure they are a good fit.

Craig tried out one of the guest’s hugs (Picture; ITV)

Viewers were very interested in the segment too and wondered if they might be able to get in on the job.

One commented: ‘Haven’t stopped smiling for 5 minutes 😂 I want to hug this man! 🤗 #ThisMorning.’

A viewer quipped: ‘I think Craig is enjoying this a little too much. 😳😆 #ThisMorning #hugging.’

The hosts were having a lot of fun (Picture: ITV)
The trio finished the chat with a joint hug (Picture: ITV)

‘Am I losing it or are these lot bonkers, I am sure you can hug your friend, family or pet. If that’s the case I’m going to start charging £25 for a hug, game on! 😂 #ThisMorning,’ teased another.

A fan weighed in: ‘If anyone wants a hug I’m available for free. I’ll even make you a cuppa #ThisMorning.’

‘#ThisMorning f**k having a proper job, this guy gets £75 an hour to hug people, I will find a way to be rich somehow 😅 the ways people make money these days and they expect you to believe school is still relevant,’ someone else asked.

The three all joined together for a very tight hug, before Josie proclaimed: ‘That was the best sandwich I ever had… I’m having the best day of my life.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.


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