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Polyamorous family of 7 reveal the secrets of their sex lair – and it’s not what you might be thinking

The family opened up about their sex life after the Netflix show (Picture: Netflix)

Netflix series How to Build a Sex Room certainly gives Selling Sunset a run for its money when it comes down to lusting for properties.

Hosted by British interior designer Melanie Rose, the programme sees lovers and singletons desperate to spice up their homes lose their minds when they’re finally granted a raunchy makeover.

Among the stars of the series are Lester and Soriya, two members of a polyamourous family who want a sexy space that can fit all seven members and cater to all their different sexual kinks and emotional needs.

Located in the basement of Lester’s Denver house, the finished room was staggering, leaving the family speechless, with wishes, such as a golden shower room for Soriya, granted.

But now the show is out there has the sex room been put to good use and has it improved (or not) the group’s sex life?

Speaking exclusively to, Soriya and Lester, along with Prince, Arturo, Catherine, and Nathan from the family, reveal all.

Before Melanie worked her magic, the family agree it was difficult to arrange date nights, taking around 30 minutes to set up a suitable space while wreaking havoc.

‘It would take someone carrying a TV out of the house to put it on the back porch and we’d be dragging every cushion, blanket, and pillow we could find onto the deck. It was an effort and it took group planning,’ Nathan explains.

‘There would also be people falling off the table or just spread out all over the place, as well as injuries.’

Now that is a thing of the past, with Lester going on to say the ease and accessibility of the room has increased the amount of time the family spend together to at least once a week.

The family was pleased with their sex room (Picture: Netflix)

He says: ‘We’re getting a lot more consistent with it now to the point where we realise we need a much higher volume of sheets and blankets for turnover.’

However, there’s one member of the fam, Prince, who has not used the sex room at all.

Fear not – it’s because he moved from Colorado to Indiana, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been lusting after it from afar.

Melanie is a top designer of sex rooms (Picture: Netflix)

‘I never got to play in the room,’ he laments. ‘But for me just seeing pictures and thinking of the room from afar has definitely improved my sex life because I just get instantly wet even thinking about it. And [my] panties just start dropping.’

For Catherine, it’s not just the increased frequency of time spent together but the ability to try out new kinks that has boosted her sex life.

‘It has been fun to try new things and to have the space to do that,’ she reveals. ‘Because sometimes in a normal, small bedroom you don’t have the space for that.’

Another couple trying out their sex room (Picture: Netflix)

‘We can tie to you the cage and spin you around in the room now,’ Lester adds.

Soriya admits she hasn’t been able to enjoy the room as much as she would like, mainly because it can be ‘challenging’ to get together with all the members living in different households.

However, she managed to live out her fantasies in the golden shower area of the room during a joint birthday party with Nathan.

‘I must have had around 30 or 40 people pee on me,’ she recalls, with Lester adding: ‘There was a line down the hall that went out into the backyard.’

Nothing is off-limits in How to Build a Sex Room (Picture: Netflix)

To organise parties like this, as well as hangouts, the family has also introduced a ‘sexy’ addition to the house – a calendar.

Waxing lyrical over the virtues of meticulous planning, Nathan and Prince say: ‘When it comes to families, especially of this size, calendars are like one of the sexiest things.

‘There’s even a whole room cleaning checklist that we go through and we use.’

As well as making the most of the sex room, the family was keen to challenge the misconceptions of polyamory, stressing it is as much about intimacy and emotional connection as it is about sex.

‘My favourite part is the fact we all get to hang out and watch movies down there,’ Soriya says.

How to Build a Sex Room is available to stream on Netflix.

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