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The Ultimate Love Island 2022 Quiz: Have you been keeping up with all the drama?

Have you been keeping up with the drama? (Picture: ITV)

All good things must come to an end, and after last night’s finale, Love Island 2022 has officially drawn to a close.

After 57 episodes, 36 contestants, and more Ekinde drama than we could have ever seen coming, there have been plenty of tears, epic one-liners and explosive rows…. but how much of it do you remember?

Can you name all the islanders, or remember who was originally coupled up with whom?

There’s only one way to find out…

1) Who was the first islander to leave the villa?

2) What season was Adam Collard originally in the villa?

This isn’t his first Love Island rodeo! (Picture: ITV)

3) What does elephant juice mean?

4) Who was Gemma Owen coupled up with at the very start of the series?

5) Which Casa Amor bombshell revealed her antics with Jacques O’Neill to Paige Thorne?

The Welsh paramedic has had her fair share of drama (Picture: ITV)

6) Who has a celebrity TV chef as a parent?

7) What did Davide Sanclimenti perform for the talent show?

8) How old is Davide?

How old is the Italian Stallion? (Picture: ITV)

9) What was Ekin-Su Culculoglu’s job before she entered the villa?

10) Who said: ‘May the best heartbreaker win?’

11) Which Casa Amor bombshell did Andrew Le Page ‘lick her t*t or whatever’?

Tasha wasn’t impressed to hear about Andrew’s antics (Picture: ITV)

12) Who is the youngest islander?

13) Who did Paige dress up as during the heart rate challenge?

14) Who did Danica Taylor leave the villa with?

Danica was brutally dumped from the villa not long after she’d been getting to know a new boy (Picture: ITV)

15) Luca has a tattoo of who on his arm?

16) Where is the Love Island villa?

17) What did Andrew and Tasha Ghouri name their baby?

Andrew and Tasha played at mum and dad during the baby challenge (Picture: ITV)

18) Who did Ekin-Su get ‘hot under the covers with’ in Casa Amor?

19) Which Casa Amor bombshell is Ronan Keating’s son?

20) Who did Ekin-Su crawl onto the terrace with for a secret snog?

Sneaky! (Picture: ITV)

21) Who said the broken eagle is their favourite sex position?

22) Which fruit did Davide specify had to be used during Nathalia Campos and Ekin-Su’s heated pancake challenge?

23) Who did Lacey Edwards pick for a date?

While Lacey’s time in the villa was short, she did seem to find a connection (Picture: ITV)

24) What is Luca Bish’s job?

25) Who did Gemma and Luca name their baby after?

26) Who performed on Ekin-Su and Davide’s final date?

The pair shared a very romantic date with a surprise performance! (Picture: ITV)

27) What caused the fight between Luca and Gemma, which lead to him walking out the villa and taking off his mic?

28) Davide said Ekin-Su was ‘as fake as [X] from China’ – what’s missing?

29) Who said: ‘Well, she isn’t in the fuc*ing fridge, is she?’

30) Who is this?

Only real Love Island fans know who she is (Picture: ITV)

31) Who were the first couple in the hideaway this series?

32) During movie night, Luca saw who flirting with Gemma?

33) Which Casa Amor bombshell did Dami couple up with?

34) Which Love Island star is Kylian Mbappé’s official body double?

35) What did Indiyah throw into the pool?

Indiyah knows how to bring the drama! (Picture: ITV)

36) Which boy shared a three-way kiss in Casa Amor?

37) Who did Deji Adeniyi leave the villa with?

38) Who did Jay Younger couple up with after Casa Amor?

39) Who is Gemma’s dad?

40) Who did Tasha share a bed with in Casa Amor?


1)Liam Llewellyn was the first islander to leave the villa this series, quitting after just six days.

Liam was the first to leave this series (Picture: ITV)

2)Adam was first in the villa in series four, in 2018.

3) ‘Elephant juice’ means ‘I love you’, according to Luca and Gemma.

4) Gemma was first coupled up with Liam, before Luca.

5) In a moment that was likened to last year’s Millie-Lillie-Liam moment, Cheyanne Kerr told Paige that she and Jacques had shared a kiss and a bed.

6) Antigoni Buxton’s mum is celebrity TV chef Tonia Buxton.

Antigoni’s mum is TV chef Tonia Buxton (Picture: Instagram/ toniabuxton)

7) Davide wowed the islanders by making a carbonara during the talent show.

8) The Italian Stallion is 27-years-old.

9) Ekin-Su was a Turkish soap star.

10) The iconic ‘heartbreaker’ quote was said by Indiyah to Dami upon her return from Casa Amor, when both had chosen to recouple.

11) Andrew licked Coco Lodge’s ‘t*t or whatever’.

Coco really spilt the tea (Picture: ITV)

12) At 19, Gemma is the youngest islander.

13) Paige channelled her inner Pamela Anderson for the heart rate challenge, complete with the red swimsuit and blonde locks.

Paige, is that you? (Picture: ITV)

14) Danica left the villa with Jamie Allen in a brutal dumping last week.

15) Luca actually has a tattoo of Winston Churchill on his arm. Yep, you read that right.

16) The Love Island villa is in Majorca, Spain.

17) Tasha and Andrew named their baby Leo.

18) Although we’re still not sure exactly what went on, Ekin-Su shared a ‘heated moment’ with Casa Amor bombshell George Tasker.

19) Jack Keating is Ronan Keating’s son.

Ronan Keating, (L) and son Jack (Picture: Ronan Keating Instagram)

20) Ekin-Su iconically crawled onto the terrace for a snog with Jay.

21) Paige admitted the broken eagle is her favourite sex position, explaining: ‘It’s like, when the girl lies on the bottom, lying on my front, you know how girls sleep half bent, the other half straight, the guy doing his thing.’

Paige revealed her favourite sex position (Picture: ITV)

22) Nathalia and Ekin-Su both made Davide pancakes before he judged which was best, with his ‘only requirement’ being that they needed to include bananas. Sadly, Davide found that Nathalia’s bananas were ‘burnt’, and ruled that Ekin-Su’s pancakes were superior, much to her delight.

Ekin-Su’s pancakes won her way to Davide’s heart (Picture: ITV)

23) Lacey chose Deji for a date.

24) In case you missed it from all of Iain Stirling’s fishy-jokes, Luca is a fishmonger.

25) Gemma and Luca named their baby after Gemma’s sister, nicknamed Rog.

26) Alfie Boe performed on Ekin-Su and Davide’s final date, not that she knew who he was…

Alfie Boe starred on Ekin-Su and Davide’s final date! (Picture: ITV)

27) The ‘mile high challenge’, in which Gemma got close to Adam, sparked fury from Luca.

28) In one of his most iconic one-liners, Davide said Ekin-Su was ‘as fake as Louis Vuitton’ from China.

29) Luca said to Davide: ‘Well she isn’t in the f***ing fridge, is she?’ when the Italian stallion was on hunt for her… as she was snogging Jay on the terrace.

30) It’s Jazmine Nichol, Casa Amor bombshell who viewers noticed got very little airtime!

31) Tasha and Andrew were the first couple in the hideaway this series.

32) Luca saw Billy Brown flirting with Gemma during the dramatic movie night episode.

33) Dami coupled up with Summer Botwe after Casa Amor.

Dami Hope and Summer Botwe
Dami coupled up with Summer Botwe after Casa Amor (Picture: ITV)

34) Reece Ford is actually Kylian Mbappé’s official body double. That’s right, in some modelling campaigns including Mbappe, who plays as a forward for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the France national team, you’re actually looking at the chiselled torso of the Love Island star.

Reece Ford
Reece Ford is the official body double of the footballer (Picture: ITV)

35) Indiyah threw Dami’s promise ring into the pool.

36) Dami shared a three-way kiss with Summer and Chyna Mills.

37) Deji left the villa with Lacey.

38) Jay coupled up with Chyna after Casa Amor.

39) Ex-footballer Michael Owen is Gemma’s dad.

40) Tasha shared a bed with Billy in Casa Amor.

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