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Jigsaw unleashes terror on London in Saw: The Experience trailer as bloody escape room arrives in capital

If you always wondered what it would be like to be caught up in one of Jigsaw’s frightful tests, you’ll now get the chance as Saw: The Experience is set to unleash havoc on the city of London. 

A trailer for the event, which opens in the capital just in time for Halloween this October, reunites us with Hollywood horror villain Jigsaw from the blockbuster franchise.

The clip, shared exclusively with, opens with the infamously creepy doll cycling down a grim and dimly-lit hall wearing ruby red shoes, a black coat and matching bowtie – it would be rather cute if his mask didn’t give us nightmares.

With eyes flashing bright red, Jigsaw then appears on the billboard screen in Piccadilly Circus as the world goes on by, business as usual.

‘Hello London, I want to play a game,’ Jigsaw says before the scene cuts to clips from his test rooms, including a grotty bathroom, pigs lined up for slaughter and a cremation chamber.

Saw: The Experience will offer a fully immersive, character-driven, theatrical event allowing players to have tangible effects on not only the narrative of their own experience, but also the experience of other players on the journey with them.

Jigsaw will wreak terror on London this Halloween (Picture: LionsGate Entertainment)
Jigsaw, we meet again (Picture: LionsGate Entertainment)

Will you earn redemption through trials designed to test your teamwork, or will your moral compass betray others to ensure your own survival? Make your choices. Live with the consequences.

Saw: The Experience is being brought to life by a highly experienced creative team that includes Tom Beynon, Creative Producer on behalf of The Path Entertainment Group; Filipe Carvalho, Creative Director; David Pizarro, Set Designer; Luke Swaffield, Sound Designer for Autograph Sound; and John Coman, Lighting Designer from Woodroffe Bassett Design. Gameplay consultancy and show control by Clockwork Dog.

Can you escape the grotty bathroom like Dr Gordon and Adam tried to in the first Saw movie? (Picture: LionsGate Entertainment)
Or are you destined to be slaughtered like the pigs? (Picture: LionsGate Entertainment)

The Saw movies have amounted to one of the most successful horror franchises in Hollywood having grossed over $1billion at the global box office. The first movie, directed by James Wan, was released in 2004 and starred Cary Elwes as Dr Lawrence Gordon who wakes up in a disused public bathroom alongside fellow victim Adam Stanheight (Leigh Whannell).

The two must work out why they’ve been brought there and unite to find a way to escape the clutches of their captor, Jigsaw (Tobin Bell).

Over the past two decades, Saw has produced eight sequels, including the most recent Spiral, which starred Chris Rock and was dubbed a reimagining of the story.

In partnership with global content leader Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures, experiential production company The Path Entertainment Group today announced that tickets for SAW: The Experience have gone on sale at the preview price of £34pp.

With Saw: The Experience opening this Halloween, eager Saw fans can now book preview tickets by visiting


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