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Strictly Come Dancing star Saffron Barker alleges she was almost spiked in Ibiza and made to ‘feel like a liar’ by club staff

Saffron Barker has alleged she was nearly spiked while in an Ibiza club, claiming she felt she was ‘made out to be a liar’ by staff when she reported the incident.

YouTube star Saffron, who is the ex-girlfriend of Love Island’s Luca Bish, is currently on holiday on the Balearic island and regularly updates fans on the trip via Instagram.

This week, the Strictly Come Dancing star hit the popular club venue Amnesia with friends, but claims she was left ‘terrified’ by the end of the night after allegedly almost being spiked.

Saffron took to her Instagram stories on Tuesday where she told followers she wanted to ‘talk about what happened to me last night.’

She said she was ordering a drink at the bar in Amnesia when ‘some guy basically put something in my drink’ before walking off.

The British blogger claimed she immediately told a woman behind the bar who ‘didn’t really care less,’ and Saffron herself confronted the man, who made a comment about how ‘a little bit of ecstasy… doesn’t hurt nobody.’

She claimed that she and her friends went to ‘five different security guards’ but were told ‘it was our problem and they can’t help us.’

‘Basically, nobody was helpful at all,’ she said.

Saffron went on to allege that a bouncer ‘pushed’ her friend after they began filming them, and that she was worried ‘he was going to beat us up.’

Saffron took to Instagram to share her story with followers (Picture: Saffron Barker/ Instagram)

‘He turned so aggressive it was absolutely disgusting,’ she claimed.

‘There is so much evidence, it is on film. Obviously it’s bad enough that somebody tried to spike me but I think what’s even worse is the way that every single person (who) worked in that club, the way that they reacted was just absolutely vile.’

‘I’ve never felt so small in my life,’ she went on. ‘I felt like I was made out to be a liar so I completely understand why people don’t talk about this.’

She added: ‘I just wanted to raise awareness as well, not only for the club and the way that they reacted, but also I think a lot of the time you never think is going to be you when actually [spiking is] so much more common than a lot of us think.

‘I’m just so grateful that I’m here to actually tell this story and I didn’t actually get spiked.’

Adding a caption to the video, Saffron said her experience reflects ‘why girls are afraid to speak up.’

‘I thought security were supposed to look after us,’ she added.


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