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Tips to Clean Induction Hob Appropriately

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Applying appropriate heat whenever it is needed helps in cooking with maximized flexibility and speed, and also assists in saving energy. Induction hobs are aesthetically stylish, have high levels of energy efficiency, have amazing safety levels, and are capable of cooking quickly with a sense of perfection. 

But the important question here is how to clean an induction hob? Is it fairly easy to clean and maintain or does it require extra attention? Fortunately, only the glass surface heats up the placement of your cookware, the other parts remain cool making it easier to deal with it. However, some tips are required to keep the induction hob clean and organized.


Usage of Accurate Equipment for your Induction Hob

If you have invested in an induction hob, you must also invest in good-quality cookware for your kitchen. Upgrading cooking appliances is necessary for marinating the quality of your induction hob as well. Try to avoid pans or pots that can scratch the surface of the glass top, stove, stoneware, cast iron, or aluminum ceramic. Use cookware made of magnetic stainless steel containing iron. 


Regular Cleaning

When your cooktop has cooled, use a sponge or a piece of cloth and spray some water to wipe off wet spills. You can also use kitchen sprays created for grease removal or any mild detergent for the purpose too. Rinse, dry, and then apply extra vinegar on the cooker top with a cloth for shine. It is advised to use a glass cleaner for the time being and then sanitize it well. 


Clean Up Instantly 

To avoid additional work piled up for later, it’s advisable to clean stains and spills as and when you can. Ideally, one must clean their stove as soon as it cools down after use and becomes easy to touch. Spills that are syrupy and sugary have to be cleaned immediately so that they don’t stick to the surface. Use a moist sponge or a cloth piece to wipe out stains. 


Removal of Stain

For burnt food stains, caked stains, and other tough stains, you might need to use a scraper. These things need to be purchased directly from the hob manufacturer and not any local store, to ensure extreme caution against your purchase. As local materials can damage your glass surface. 

For removing stains, add a proper amount of cleaning agent to the spotted area and use a scraper to remove the stain cautiously. Hold the cutting edge as flat as possible to protect the glass surface. Remember to keep the scraper’s motion in forwarding and backward directions. 

Final Words

Clean induction hobs are aesthetically efficient and effective for any contemporary kitchen. The absence of grease and grime reduces the risk of infection while retaining the shine and makes it easy for the users to deal with it. There are several ways to clean an induction hob without actually damaging it. 

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