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‘Are you sure he’s not after a passport?’ Woman warns friend off ‘shady’ boyfriend she’s never met in 90 Day Fiancé UK

A Pokémon GO-obsessive is warned off her mysterious Japanese boyfriend in upcoming scenes of 90 Day Fiancé UK after her friend points out that he hid his real age and that he has an ex-wife.

In scenes set to air on Sunday, Victoria finally reveals to her best pal Rosie that she has been seeing Shaun for two years, despite him living nearly 6,000 miles away.

But after learning from Victoria that Shaun lied about being married and about his age, Rosie points out that her other half might have ulterior motives.

‘Shaun’s profile picture was a very suave-looking guy, sunglasses on, sort of looking into the distance. He looked quite cute and young,’ Victoria notes, before revealing that all wasn’t what it seemed.

‘Then I found out it was quite an old picture. He said he took it in 2018. Whatever! I thought Shaun was a similar age to me, 31, 32. Turns out he’s actually 42!’

Despite sensing some shadiness from Shaun, Victoria leaps to his defence, claiming that he didn’t lie… he just withheld information about himself. ‘

Rosie has a lot of doubts abouth her friend Victoria’s mystery man (PIcture: Discovery)
Victoria has been dating her boyfriend Shaun for two years despite never actually meeting (Picture: Discovery)

An exclusive clip shared with shows Victoria opening up to Rosie over dinner.

‘So, I met someone online. His name is Shaun, he is Japanese. He is actually coming here in a couple of days. We are going to live together.’

From the off, Rosie is full of questions. ‘How well do you know this person?’ she asks.

‘Not that much, I’ve been learning quite a lot over the last couple of months. I like this guy, I really do want to be with him,’ Victoria says honestly.

Determined to understand more about Shaun and Victoria’s decision making, Rosie interrogates her friend further – questioning Shaun’s decision to lie about his age.#

Victoria reveals that Shaun wasn’t forthcoming about his age (Picture: Discovery)

‘He did tell me that he was only a little bit older than me. No, he didn’t lie. He said he was a little bit older,’ Victoria says, leaping to Shaun’s defence.

More worryingly, Victoria admits to Rosie that, despite talking to him for two years, she has no idea what Shaun does for a living.

‘I’m not completely certain,’ she admits. ‘He never seemed to be working when I was talking to him. He does have a lot of credit cards.’

Shaun lives 6,000 miles away from Victoria in Japan (Picture: Discovery)

Growing more concerned for her friend’s wellbeing, Rosie asks Victoria how her family feel about Shaun. ‘They’re sceptical. My mum’s more happy than my dad; my dad’s very worried.’

Despite telling Rosie that she does have a good feeling about him, Victoria reveals that there has been a recent bombshell revelation about ‘mystery man’ Shaun’s past.

‘I did find out one extra thing a while ago – that he used to be married,’ she says to a stunned Rosie. ‘He’s not married in Japan, that’s all he will say – ‘I am divorced in Japan.’ I know that his ex-wife is from another country.’

Victoria has no idea what Shaun does for work and didn’t initially know that he was previously married (Picture: Discovery)

Shocked by what she’s heard, Rosie sternly warns Victoria to be careful.

‘Have you done any online checks to check what he’s about and maybe check he hasn’t got any criminal records?’ she asks.

Despite Rosie’s sensible piece of advice, Victoria is adamant that she trusts that Shaun isn’t up to no good.

‘No, I trust him enough to be up front with me about that,’ she replies.

Seeing how far Victoria is willing to take the relationship, Rosie bluntly asks how serious she is about Shaun and if she sees herself sharing a future with him.

‘He does move quite quick for me,’ Victoria confesses, hinting that he might already be thinking about popping the question.

‘Are you sure that he’s not entering into this relationship because he’s after a passport?’ Rosie asks bluntly.

Despite her friend’s concerns, Victoria knows she is only looking out for her.

‘Rosie has made a good point to be concerned. I don’t know much about him other than what he’s told me,’ she tells the camera.

‘So, I am just hoping that what he’d told me is true. I hope he’s being honest with me.’

Is ‘mystery man’ Shaun taking Victoria for a ride? Only time will tell…

The brand-new series of 90 Day Fiancé UK is available to stream now exclusively on discovery+, with new episodes dropping every Sunday.

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