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‘The stuff of nightmares’: Liz Trus and Rishi Sunak terrify viewers with awkward video before even speaking at BBC TV debate

An opening shot of Liz Trus and Rishi Sunak looking directly down the lens of the camera before kicking off their latest TV debate is giving viewers nightmares.

The BBC held a live televised head-to-head on Monday night as the duo continue the race to become Britain’s next Prime Minister.

But before the event got underway, the programme began with a scary video of the pair standing like statues as journalist and news anchor Sophie Raworth introduced them.

‘In just six weeks’ time, one of them will be moving into Number 10 Downing Street,’ Sophie said, while the camera zoomed in on both Trus and Sunak who refrained from moving.

Viewers were disturbed by the scenes, and rushed to social media with one writing: ‘That opening shot is the stuff of nightmares.’

After watching the intro, another described the pair as ‘‘humans devoid of absolutely all emotion’.

Lizz Truss and Rishi Sunak have been compared to Madam Tussauds statues (Picture: BBC)


‘Dear Lord. The fake smiles are already terrifying and they haven’t uttered a word,’ a third remarked.

During the debate, Truss said she would put an economic growth plan in place ‘immediately’ if she becomes the next leader, along with imposing a temporary moratorium on the green energy levy.






‘I understand that people here, people around the country, are struggling with some of the worst cost-of-living problems that we’ve had for generations – it’s hard to pay for fuel, it’s hard to pay for food,’ she said.

‘I would reverse the increase in National Insurance.

‘We promised not to raise it in our manifesto in 2019, the people here who voted Conservative for the first time expect us to fulfil our promises, so I’d reverse that increase in National Insurance.’

She continued: ‘I’d also have a temporary moratorium on the green energy levy, which would help cut money from fuel bills – that would come in straight away.

‘I would also immediately put in place a growth plan to grow our economy, because the way we are going to solve our issues as a country, the way we’re going to pay back our debt, is by growing the economy.’

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