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What is Spotify Supergrouper and how to get it?

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Spotify is busy with updates at the moment – not content with giving us the Karaoke feature, they’re now in the process of rolling out Supergrouper.

The update – following on from the likes of Spotify Wrapped, the arrival of lyrics and the ability to hide and unhide songs – has only just begun rolling out to IOS and Android users across the world so it’ll be coming to your phone soon if you don’t yet have it.

But when the update arrives for you, how do you get Supergrouper on Spotify and what does it do?

Here’s what you need to know…

What is Spotify Supergrouper?

Supergrouper is, quite simply, a feature which creates playlists for your based on your ‘dream band’ – that is, all your favourite artists put together in a fictional group, with a playlist inspired by your choices.

The feature gives you the ability to also select the roles for each of your favourite artists within the ‘band’ – including ‘the lead’, ‘the lyricist’ and the ‘wildcard’

Alternatively you can get Spotify to randomize the artists for you depending on your listening habits.

You can also give the ‘supergroup’ a name – and when that’s all done you can enjoy the playlist that Spotify creates for you based on the information.

The app will also give you a custom card to share with family and friends on social media.

How to get Supergrouper on Spotify

First things first, you need to make sure your Spotify app is up to date – so check you’ve got the most recent version on your iPhone or Android device.

You then click on the ‘Supergrouper’ banner which you’ll see on the Spotify home page, hit ‘get started’ and choose how many artists you want in your group – you can have up to five.


Once you’ve chosen a role for each artist and named your group – although this is optional – simply tap the ‘My Supergroup Mix’ option and your playlist will be ready.

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