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4 Secrets That Single Celebrities Don’t Want Revealed

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The showbiz world is one which can feel miles away, appearing full of glamour and luxury. Although this could well be the case, it is definitely not as plain sailing as meets the eye and at the end of the day, we are all human! Those who are in the limelight face a lot of external judgement and scrutiny when stories from their personal lives are publicised, leaving them keeping many secrets which they prefer to stay hidden from the public eye.


  1. Bad publicity can be good publicity

Although cheating scandals and leaked sex videos can appear to be the thing of nightmares for many of us, a lot of celebrities have gone as far as deliberately sharing their stories in order to get the media talking. We’ve seen saucy sex tapes brimming with raunchy positions, kinky roleplay, and the addition of fleshlights UK, which have quickly gone viral and led to headlines all over the biggest magazines. Although it may appear embarrassing at first, the publicity gained off the back of these ‘leaks’ has actually proven to excel the careers (and bank balances) of our favourite celebrities.


  1. Don’t believe all of the ages you see online

We’ve all sat and wondered how some of the big-name stars are looking so great for their age, asking what skincare products they are using or whether they have gone under the knife to keep them looking so youthful. In fact, it has been revealed that some celebrities have been known to hide their real age and knock off a few years from their date of birth. We’ve actually seen an example of a Hollywood actress attempting to sue a website who revealed her true age as they desperately tried to hide the facts in order to stay away from the reported ‘ageism’ that is faced.


  1. Those screen kisses aren’t as innocent as they seem

For actors and actresses, playing a role often requires them to act out a love interest and often even get heated in front of the camera. As much as these romances are scripted, the process of spending long periods of time playing the part can develop real life feelings which have previously led to filming flings. Especially for those who have partners who they are living away from when on set, mishaps have been known which can lead to secret cheating scandals.


  1. Celebrities have been known to fake fans

Especially in the age of social media, the online following of a celebrity has a huge impact on their success. From brand partnerships to media interest, having a big fan base is a huge part of showbiz life and many celebrities have been shown to buy some of their following. An investigation was carried out into the real followers in comparison to bot followers, analysing how many celebrities have been known to try and boost their success by appearing more popular than they actually are.

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