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Susannah Constantine braves four degree water to swim in a lake in freezing December

Susannah Constantine is a braver woman than the rest of us as she filmed herself taking a dip outdoors in the freezing December weather.

The fashion guru, 58, donned a red swimming costume as she told her followers on Instagram about her plans to take a dip in the icy water and go wild swimming.

She said on her story: ‘We’re going into the lake and I’m just going to check the temperature, which is four degrees… f**k me.’

Susannah was seen putting on a pair of warm gloves as well as her swimming shoes to protect her extremities from the temperatures as she added:‘Right, I’m getting in.

‘I mean it’s so cold you can see my breath, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this today. Four degrees, no more than four minutes.’

A friend, who was filming the clip, could be heard saying off-camera: ‘I think four minutes is ambitious,’ as Susannah dunked herself in the water.

My Celebrity Life –

Susannah made sure her hands and feet were kept warm (Picture: Instagram)

Rather her than us, but credit where it is due, Susannah managed to brave getting her whole body under as she swam through the pool of water.

In November, Susannah had revealed she is seven years sober after battling with alcoholism.

She revealed on the podcast My Mate Bought A Toaster: ‘It’s not something I’ve spoken about before really, but it’s important.

‘I am in recovery, so I’m an alcoholic. I’ve been in recovery for nearly seven years now.

My Celebrity Life –

Rather her than us in four degree water (Picture: Instagram)

‘At that time, as an addict, often what you would do and certainly what I did, I would put all my own defects and find someone else to attach them to.

‘And so I thought that my husband was passive-aggressive, but actually I was the one that was passive-aggressive, and that I’ve realised over time and being in recovery.’

Susannah says the moment she realised she was an alcoholic – though it never affected her work as she was ‘high-functioning’ – was ‘liberating’.

She explained: ‘It was so liberating. I felt a lot of shame most of the time, but when I realised that, the relief was so immense because I could change it.

‘I wasn’t having to try and change someone else, it was down to me. I was responsible and accountable for becoming a better person and getting sober and well. So it was the most extraordinary relief to have that lightbulb moment.’


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