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The Chase’s Jenny Ryan and podcast co-host Lucy Porter reveal how to train your brain to be a quiz champ

Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen from quiz show The Chase, along with her Fingers On Buzzers podcast co-host Lucy Porter, has revealed how you can train your brain to up your quizzing ability.

The pair – who’ve both been quizzing since they were children – shared their top tips for becoming the resident brainbox in your friendship group when it comes to the inevitable Zoom quizzes we’ll all be having this Christmas.

While there’s no silver bullet, Jenny told that the secret is to find out your own way of learning: ‘The trick for me is learning your own learning style and being comfortable with it.

‘I think a lot of people, especially of a certain generation were taught that you learn things by rote, you’re given a list of French vocabulary to learn by Monday morning or something.

‘That’s easy for some people because their brain’s structured that way. But other people have to figure out a way of taking in that knowledge and then being able to recall it.

‘So I don’t have the traditional way of learning quiz facts like some of my colleagues from The Chase do – they like to read about things and it sticks whereas I like to take part in things, so I will consume the media that they’re reading the Wikipedia article about, like what’s new on Netflix, and I’m watching Netflix.

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Jenny Ryan is one of Britain’s best quizzers and a Chaser on ITV’s The Chase (Picture: ITV)

‘They’re reading about the pop charts and I’m listening to the pop chart. And honestly, the best way of learning anything is to be quizzed on it. So I’m doing my job as I’m learning and I’m learning as I’m doing my job.’

Lucy – who is also a keen quizzer who has impressed on several quiz shows including The Chase, where she first met Jenny, finds she works better under pressure.

She explained: ‘There is that thing where if you know you’re quizzing, there’s something about knowing that you are going to be exposed, that is a really good way to concentrate the mind.

‘When I was learning my specialist subjects for Celebrity Mastermind, I was like: “I can’t embarrass myself by not knowing anything on television”.

‘So giving yourself a bit of pressure can help and this is why quizzing is good. Like Jen says, being quizzed on something is really the best way to learn it, because if you get something wrong, that you should have known, you’re so angry with yourself and you will never forget that ever. It sticks with you.’

With Zoom quizzes being all the rage when lockdown first began in March, and new restrictions being put in place for the Christmas period due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the pair also shared tips on creating the perfect quiz for your friends and family.

Jenny explained: ‘I don’t think people realise how hard it is to write a good quiz question on its own, let alone an entire quiz for all your friends and family.

‘So thinking outside the box and thinking of things that have never been done before, or are going to challenge people in a different way are going to appeal to the different strengths of everybody who’s playing.

‘Even tailoring questions, so that you know that your great grandma is going to get this one, because she never gets any other answers.

‘I’m still a big fan of the Argos round that my sister came up with. She found an archive website where it had every Argos catalogue ever and did a quiz based on “How much was a Stretch Armstrong when it was released in 1976? What was the price in the 1993 Argos catalogue for a fully pre-lit Christmas tree? And how much is it in 2019 catalogue?”

‘It’s great because people can Google anything these days so you have to find ways around it, and part of that is keeping the questions really interesting – finding that sweet spot is the really tricky part.’

Jenny Ryan and Lucy Porter’s Fingers on Buzzers podcast is available now.

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