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Andrew Neil hits back at Phillip Schofield’s ‘bizarre’ climate change denier question on This Morning

Andrew Neil has hit backs at Phillip Schofield’s ‘bizarre’ climate change denier question from his appearance on This Morning this week.

The political journalist was speaking on the ITV show yesterday, when he was taken aback by a question about Extinction Rebellion’s latest controversial protest.

Andrew was on the show to discuss the group’s climate change stunt on Remembrance Day, which saw them unveil a banner saying ‘Honour Their Sacrifice, Climate Change Means War’ on the Cenotaph.

Andrew called the protest ‘wholly wrong as Remembrance Day is a unique day in the British calendar’. There was then a heated clash on the show after Phillip asked if Andrew was a ‘climate denier’.

Andrew said at the time: ‘We put politics aside and we come together to remember those who gave their lives so we could be free and they have no right to intrude in this at all.

‘I’ve interviewed Extinction Rebellion on several occasions and most of what they say is total nonsense or total exaggeration.’

Andrew Neil hit backs at Phillip Schofield’s ‘bizarre’ climate change denier question from This Morning (Picture: ITV)

He later said he found his experience on This Morning ‘bizarre’ in a statement on Twitter.


Andrew wrote: ‘Bizarre experience on [This Morning]… Asked about extinction rebellion’s protest on Remembrance Day I said it was totally inappropriate. To be confronted by Philip Schofield asking – “So are you a climate change denier?”’

He added: “I replied that climate change was real and needed to be confronted. But that did not mean siding with the nonsense scaremongering of extinction rebellion. It’s clear how even the mainstream media would like to close down debate by stigmatising even the slightest questioning.’

Andrew Neil called the protest ‘wholly wrong’ (Credits: Guy Bell/REX)

The protest took place just hours before the Remembrance Day memorial (Credits: Guy Bell/REX)

It comes after Extinction Rebellion staged its latest protest just hours before Remembrance Day ceremonies were due to take place on Wednesday.

The group lay their own wreath of poppies on the memorial, which was decorated with the words ‘climate change means war’ and were placed by British Army veteran and XR member Donald Bell.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.


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